Lessons For the Wild: Doub Hanshaw

Watch the first video in our new series: Lessons for the Wild

We were seven days into shooting the December 2015 catalog, and documenting it for the first episode of our new series, Lessons for the Wild, when it all started to click for me.

I was in the middle of the Sahara desert, the sun burning through the layers of sunscreen I’d applied that morning, watching our catalog crew slowly succumb to the heat. As hot as it was, the fire we’d had for the past week seemed to be dwindling.

Our creative director and subject of the film, Doub Hanshaw, walked across one of the dunes – her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, rocking a sweet vintage flight suit, oozing all kinds of confidence. She gathered us together, reminded us of her vision, and firmly told us to break and start getting things done. The tone of the group shifted; a few brief minutes, and the fire was back.

As she walked away, I thought: “Wow. I want to be her.”

Which, incidentally, was the whole point.

Around the office, we had been calling the project the “Mentors” series – stories of strong, brave women who have seen the wild, unpredictable parts of life, and come out on the other side better for it. Women who push you to be as much you, as much as they are them.

I wanted to know her secret. How did she become so confident in her ideas? Was she who she appeared to be on the outside? What happened in her life that shaped her into someone I admired so much? How did she do it?

We set out to answer those questions in Doub’s story, as well as the other women you’ll meet in the coming weeks as we release our four-part series.

When we met up with Doub at her home in Los Angeles to finish the story, it was even clearer to me how her journey could help guide women who found themselves on a far different path than they had ever planned.

Lessons from the wild, for the wild among us…

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7 years ago

Very inspirational.

7 years ago

This is amazing! Doub is by far someone that I find so interesting, brilliant, and a style guru to say the least. I admire her for so many things, as a Mom and having worked in the industry, I know how difficult the demands of a job you love can be. You make it look so effortless! So freaking awesome!!!