YOU Are Your Only Limit

Good vibes only, please.

This post comes to us from our blog intern, Emily.

You are love.
You are joy.
You are abundance.
You are enough.

Our most natural state of being is bliss. Strip everything away that pulls you down and disregard the conditioning instilled in you from an early age. What you are left with is your most pure, beautiful self.

We are all born into this world that fully supports us and wants the best for us.

Our only real limit is ourselves. Over time, we build walls for ourselves and it takes a little work to push down what we have built, but the work must be done in order to live a limitless life.

Likes attract like; the law of attraction applies to everything. When we align ourselves, align our thoughts with our natural state (which is joy, love and abundance) it is pretty damn hard for the world not to give you just that.

I know it’s challenging at times, especially when you are going through something tough and you might not be where you want to be. But trust, and know you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you can stop focusing on the lack in your life and switch your focus to the good, those limits you set for yourself will start to dissolve.

When we mirror what we desire, by thinking, feeling and believing that what we want is already ours, alignment begins and energy shifts. Things fall into place. Joy and inspiration explodes out of you, and life can come with ease.


When we are striving, thinking endlessly about what we want, we’re usually not thriving. If you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t have any money, I didn’t get the promotion, I’m a failure, I have no real friends…” these self-doubting thoughts are based in fear. Step back and switch your focus to the items you do have, the job you have, and the people in your life.

This is something I struggle with all the time. Nothing happens overnight and honestly, I don’t always live by what I’m saying right now. It’s hard. BUT, I am a big believer of thinking positively and focusing on feeling good because it works and I’ve seen magical things happen in my life from doing so, and I want you to see the magic before your eyes, too.

Self-doubt is okay. I don’t want you to feel like you should have never have negative thoughts, or you should always feel great about yourself, and exude all the confidence. I don’t know if that is achievable. Even the most “successful”, “beautiful, “prosperous” individuals still have self-doubt. The only thing I suggest for you is to acknowledge the thoughts you might have, be aware that you’re having them, and then let them go. “Hey! You’re in my head, nice of you to show up, I see you, but I don’t need you, and you can leave now.”


Life can feel harder when you focus on the space in-between where you are now and where you want to be. So instead, change your thinking to the beauty and happiness you already have. The space will be easier to fill when you don’t put all of your attention on it. Let go, surrender, and be here now. If things don’t work out the way you would have intended or preferred, it’s probably for the best. Learn something from it, and move forward.

Step back, open your gaze, and express gratitude. Think feel-good thoughts, follow your joy, and trust that everything will work out. Don’t limit yourself because your the only one who’s able to pull yourself out.

Remember, there is no right way.

Start taking those steps to feel good. Pick up the little pieces of joy along the way and relish the heck out of them.


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4 years ago

Hey FP folks,

Thought you would enjoy one of my ‘all-time’ favorite reminders:

“Pushing the old boundaries establishes new `limits’. In actuality, the only limiting factor is that of your imagination. You can go as far as you want to take it, or perhaps more aptly as far as it takes you. After you leave the realm of traditional preconceptions, you enter the area of endless freedom. There exists no right or wrong, rules are unheard of, and the course is uncharted.”

— From CR Stecyk III, Co-founder of Zephyr Surf & Skate, & who co-wrote the epic Dogtown And Z-Boys.

cheers! – Ashley xx

4 years ago

This oozes so much inspiration & wonderful vibes! In the last two years I’ve incorporated these practices into my life & I can’t believe the beauty it’s brought to my spirit. Thanks for spreading the word to help others find peaceful bliss!

-Amanda Machell

4 years ago

““Hey! You’re in my head, nice of you to show up, I see you, but I don’t need you, and you can leave now.””
LOVE THAT. Thank you, thank you.

4 years ago

pinned the “align yourself” graphic. Always a nice reminder.

4 years ago

I find it so reassuring to read something like this, I feel like so many people influence us to believe being ‘happy’ is everything yet it really is quite hard to be happy 24/7. I mean self doubts are always going to be there like you said, but I think the message so many people lack is the acceptance of it. The way you wrote really expressed the reality of life, positive leads to amazing things but we have to accept and understand ourselves to ever reach this positivity.

Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

4 years ago

this is exactly what i needed to hear today…lovely writing

4 years ago

I should save this and read this whenever I feel down!

4 years ago

A truly beautiful written piece!!! It´s so important to be more mindful and happy about the thing in our lives we already have.

Thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

PS. It is so true, there is no right way. It´s all about unity and finding inner happiness. Really love this post.

4 years ago

Your writing is sincere and full of heart. Love the line: “Pick up the little pieces of joy along the way and relish the heck out of them.” Great post – thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

Oh my gosh. Thank you. I needed this today.

4 years ago

Oh my gahd. Your writing is so wonderful and sincere. I really need this. :) Thank You!

4 years ago

This is amazing! So well said. It’s sometimes so easy to get stuck in your own head, rather than just diving in and trust falling into a situation. Sometimes when I get in this head space, I make a list of everything I have accomplished or appreciated that day (or week). It is like a reverse “to do” list- and it really helps some days. Thank you for this!!

4 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this post. It’s always lovely to feel inspired and positive just from reading a few words. In the age we live in now it is so important to be in the moment – for our souls, bodies and minds.

4 years ago

That was very inspiring. I do tend to hold back at times.

4 years ago

That was just what I needed to hear right now. I’m super thankful! <3