Weekend Do: Mount A Staghorn Fern

Need some green for your walls? Read on for and inexpensive and unique solution.

When people ask me what a my favorite plant is, they’re typically a bit surprised upon hearing my not-so-ordinary response. Let me introduce you to the staghorn fern.

Pretty cute, right? Right. So, if you need a bit of green in your place to freshen it up this Earth Month, have a gallery wall that is missing that perfect something, heading to a housewarming party this weekend, OR feel like preparing for mother’s day a bit early this year – then this DIY is for you.

It’s simple, budget friendly, and full of that instant gratification that I love so much. First things first, let me introduce you to this quirky little green plant. Staghorn ferns are epiphytes, which means they are air plants. They love growing along wall mounts, allowing air to circulate around them. Light is their friend, even some direct sunlight at times, but don’t let them get too dry! Moisture is essential; think about the tropics – humid, wet, luxe. That’s the environment the staghorn is at its happiest.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Mounted Staghorn Fern DIY


1 staghorn fern. Check your local garden store, if they don’t have any in, I’m sure they would be happy to order some for you!

1 mounting board. This is where you can be creative! I just cut a simple square of plywood, but feel free to use a split log or any wooden architecture with a flat surface.

1 bag of green sheet moss. Found at most local garden stores. I love this fuzzy green goodness.

Hammer + nails.

Mounting hook. I simply put a hole in the back of my mounting board, allowing it to hang freely from a nail.

Twine. I love the look of neutral colored twine, but fishing wire would work as well!

*Prep your mounting board. Either screw in hooks in the back, or create a hole.


Create a guideline. Trace a circle about the size you are thinking your fern can fit, with some room to grow and a bit of moss surrounding it. Once you have a circle, grab your nails and hammer them into the wood along the guideline, creating a circle. *Watch those fingers, be careful*!

Prune. Welcome some life back into your fern after its journey from the nursery. Run some water over it, and saturate the soil base. Gently loosen the roots, allowing them to open up a bit and adapt better to their soon to be mounted home. This will also allow them to absorb water better, and keep hydrated!

Mount. Place your fern in the center of the circle. Grab some moss and place it around the entire base of the plant. While holding the plant + moss combo to the board, grab your twine and begin wrapping it around the nails and plant, creating a secure little structure that will stay put.


Quick and simple, just the way I like it. I made two in about 20 minutes, and plan on making one more to gift in a couple of weeks. My studio has a full grown staghorn, which you can see here, and it keeps getting bigger and happier day by day.

3 Last Tips!

Saturate the board once a week. I stick mine in the bathtub and let the shower head soak it for a couple minutes, and then hang it to drip. Once dry enough, I hang it back on the wall.
Grab a spray bottle and mist away! It loves the extra lift of moisture.
Adjust to it’s growth. These babies are like hermit crabs. Growing out of one shell and into another. Eventually you will have to expand it’s home to a bigger mounting board, so make sure you keep your eye out on its progress!

+ Enjoy! Make sure to let me know if you create one and how it went. Also, for anyone with some staghorn fern tips, let us know in the comments!

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5 years ago

These are adorable gift ideas and just what I need to add some green in my nest without taking up floor space. Thanks for sharing, will def be trying this one out <3

5 years ago

I have been wanting to do this but wasn’t sure how! Thanks so much for the great post, it brings a little bit of the greenhouse into my home!

5 years ago

I can’t wait to try this for my summer apartment! It looks so pretty <3

5 years ago

I was just at a garden show last weekend and wanted to buy one but wasnt sure…now I know and I will be getting one asap. Super cool

5 years ago

I was just at a garden show last weekend and wanted to buy one but wasnt sure…now I know and I will be getting one asap. Super cool

5 years ago

Finally got around to trying this! Absolutely love it. Super simple and so fun!

5 years ago

brilliant and very simple. thanks for sharing!