That ’70s Summer Playlist

Celebrate summer with the good vibes of the ’70s

Neon green bursting from the trees, hazy sunny days, the endless jingle of ice cream trucks circling city blocks… yes, summer is drawing ever closer, which means it’s time to queue up the perfect playlist. To me, the sound of summer has always been steeped in ’70s nostalgia; lazy days at the beach or hanging out in the park set to the likes of the Doors, Fleetwood Mac, the Stones, and ELO. To get you stoked for the season to come, today I’m sharing a playlist filled with those ’70s vibes. Slip on your favorite clogs, grab a picnic blanket, and queue up this playlist for a long, lazy afternoon filled with good tunes and summer sun.

Vintage Record Collections, Denim Overalls, Krillan Clogs, Neko Flared One Piece

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7 years ago

Killer playlist! The music nerd in me has to point out that many of these tracks are 1960’s so I couldn’t listen without getting a total 60’s feeling too ;)

7 years ago

Love this playlist, so many oldies but goodies, thanks for sharing!
Xo, Lauren

7 years ago

I love 70s music. I think that in a former life that was my era :-)

7 years ago

Fleetwood Mac… Today, tomorrow, always.


7 years ago

Thanks for the lovely idea with the picnic blanket, combined with this amazing music.

You have made Killer playlist! Sultans of Swing is one of my all time favourites!

7 years ago

Great playlist but I’m confused by the inclusion of “Black Velvet”…that was released in 1989!

I guess between that and the songs from the 60’s that Cynthia pointed out already, it all averages out to the 70’s! :D

Pat Schwab
7 years ago

Great round up of songs. Thanks, Pat S

7 years ago

Great playlist! From any era!

Mike Meyers of SNL fame said “if you lived in the suburbs during the ’70’s, someone automatically came to your door and brought you a copy of ‘Rumors.” Heaven knows I played the heck out of mine. Bought it again to have it on vinyl. (again)


Tuhin Hasan
7 years ago

Completely related to summer.

Awesome summer playlist of 70s music. For me, Listening 70s, 80s and 90s music means a lot to feel relaxed. I listen songs of this era on oldies radio app.

5 years ago

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