Make: Avocado Hair Oil Treatment

Seal in moisture and prevent split ends with this 3-ingredient hair oil

I used to have a lot of hair. Like, a lot. And then I cut it off, as one is wont to do from time to time. I enjoyed my shoulder-length crop for a couple of months before realizing that, deep down, I’m a long hair person. Since then, I’ve been going through the long and seemingly endless process of growing my hair back out, and while it’s certainly not the first time I’ve impatiently watched my hair go from unfortunate chop to way past my shoulders (the school picture debacle of ’99 with never be forgot), this time around I’ve learned a few things (besides extreme patience) from the process. First and foremost being the importance of keeping my ends split-free and moisturized.

While there’s no cure for split ends besides a good snip with sharp scissors, keeping your hair conditioned and adding moisture to the ends is an easy way to prevent breakage and splits — important for everyone, but especially those who are trying to grow their hair out. Fewer split ends means fewer trims needed, and fewer trims means the wait for longer hair is just a little shorter. Even if you’re not attempting to grow out your current cut, adding moisture to your hair either through an oil or a mask will help keep it hydrated and happy. While the top and mid-section of your hair most likely feels healthy and smooth, the ends of our hair are far less likely to receive the beneficial oils produced by the body. Regular brushing and less-frequent washing can help, but sometimes your hair just needs an extra boost. For that, I turn to natural oils like argan, jojoba, and avocado oils for their deep-conditioning properties.

Avocado oil has become a particular favorite of mine recently. With it’s humectant qualities — which seal in moisture — and rich vitamin profile, including A,B,D,E, plus amino acids and protein, it not only keeps hair happy and moisturized, but nourishes too. Today I’m sharing a simple and quick 3-ingredient DIY to create your own avocado hair oil that will add much-needed moisture and vitamins to your haircare routine.

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Avocado Hair Oil DIY


1 oz. avocado oil

.5 oz. argan oil

2-3 drops essential oil of choice

1.5 oz. dropper bottle

Combine all ingredients in a dropper bottle and shake to combine. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight until ready to use.

To use: After washing and conditioning hair as usual, apply a few drops of oil to the ends of your hair and comb through. If your hair is especially dry, this can also be applied to dry hair as needed.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

+ How do you use oils in your beauty routine?

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6 years ago


Avocado is excellent for people who have dry, damaged and frizzy hair. You can use the fruit and make a pack and apply on the hair.

6 years ago

I liked your post its really helpful. But I have tried several hair oils to reduce the dryness of my hair. Ervamatin Hair lotion is great because this offers me great hair benefits. This oil is wonderful I have used it and it does wonders to my hair! must try this…