Drink More Water Daily: 10 Simple Tips

Well, 11 simple steps…

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

The ONE thing I would encourage everyone to do to better their health, including my own, is… drink more water. I am addicted – it’s my rescue, it’s the one thing that always has my back. If I am feeling off, it’s usually because I haven’t had enough water. And I believe that’s true for most people, whether they know it or not.

I carry a large (1.5 L ) water bottle with me, and refill it 2-3 times a day. It is big, and it is heavy, but I’ve gotten used to it…because it’s worth it to be hydrated. My friends sometimes wonder why I bring my water with me everywhere…

Because water is my everything.

We all know that water is good for us, but there are many people throughout my circle who drink no more than one glass daily — that is some seriously crazy sh*t. You should be drinking at least 8-10 glasses a day.

Water is the cure for many health issues we currently encounter. Staying hydrated can improve your digestion, your skin, headaches, allergies, immunity, inflammation…literally everything.

I challenge you to drink 1-2 liters of purified water for the next 10 days, and monitor how great you feel. Here’s how to make it a habit:

  1. Make it the first thing you do in the morning. Try to drink 1-2 glasses of room temperature water each morning before anything else. Follow up with warm lemon water for an alkalizing, metabolism boost!
  2. Drink a glass of water after every bathroom break. When you get up from your desk, return with a sip of water!
  3. Use a straw. For me, drinking with straws helps my beverage to disappear before I can blink. Don’t know what it is, but straws are effective and I like it!
  4. Invest in a good water filter and water bottle. Drinking clean, purified water is the best way to go, and make it more enjoyable by picking out a water bottle you like. Then keep it on you at all times. Have a full water filter on the kitchen counter, nearby, or at your desk to make it easier for you to reach for the good stuff.
  5. Eat your water. Eat more fruits and vegetables that are primarily comprised of water like cucumber, celery, watermelon, radish, lettuce, citrus and bell peppers.
  6. One for one. Each time you have a soda, juice or alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water. (This is a big one.)
  7. Set/make reminders. Notes for yourself on the mirror, the fridge, the door. Or get an app that tracks your daily intake and reminds you to drink water!
  8. Infuse. Lemon is amazing. Try cucumber and mint in your water. Infuse your water for added nutrients and flavor.
  9. Drink sparkling mineral water. If you’re a soda fan, this might be an easier way to cut down on soda and drink more H2O.
  10. Eat spicy foods! I’m always reaching for more water when I eat spicy foods.
  11. Set a goal for each day and be mindful. Make progress. You’ll start to see how good you feel.


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+How do you keep up on your water intake? What helps you stay hydrated?

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7 years ago

I’ve recently started drinking WAY more and it’s helped so much. Lemon water sounds so nice and refreshing for the morning. I’ll have to give it a shot.


7 years ago

Good post, I drink lots of water a day though! It feel weird not to bring a bottle of water around. ;D


7 years ago

Last summer I was drinking 10 cups a day and felt great. I’ve slowly been getting back into it, but love the bathroom break and drink after soda tips! :)


7 years ago

I love the water idea of always having your water right there with you. I have a very busy schedule and find it hard to get my water in during the day. I will go for the 10 day challenge thanks!

7 years ago

I love this.

7 years ago

Thank you, Using a straw is truly a gamechanger :-) Sipping water all the time

7 years ago

I’ve been using an H2O Tally water tracking band from http://www.h2otally.com : It’s cheap, easy and works!

7 years ago

really drinking more water keep you in active.

7 years ago

Wow! This tips are amazing! I’m really a huge fan of water because it has so many benefits. By the way, I’m accepting the challenge. Cheers for a healthy life!

7 years ago

Awesome post! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive at all. Water is very accessible to all of us and very beneficial as well. In fact, it’s very much recommended even when you’re soaking in a hot tub!

7 years ago

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6 years ago

Challenge accepted! Thank you for sharing these tips in drinking more water. Cheers to feeling great!

6 years ago

Excellent Tips. I personally keep 1 ltr water bottle always with me wherever I go so I can always take water as and when need.

6 years ago

this is a very useful post for daily life. Right now I am trying to maintain my plan and it works great.thanks for sharing this.

5 years ago

Thank you so much for writing such a beneficial blog. This blog is very interesting and informative. I must appreciate the way you presented the blog. Keep writing and sharing your knowledge.

5 years ago

I personally carry a water bottle around with lemons in it all day while I’m at work. It gives it a nice taste and I end up consuming around a 1/2 a gallon. On my days I run I add electrolytes to it and consume almost 3/4 of a gallon. This is great for cleansing out your system and promotes weight loss too!
Great tips!

5 years ago

Since we’re so used to drinking purified water at home, it’s so easy to forget that most of the world doesn’t have that luxury. I wish that more third-world countries had access to water purification services. Until then, though, it’s nice to have portable purifiers like the one you featured so you can avoid water-borne illnesses. Thanks for the article.

5 years ago

I love to travel, and especially go camping. I like how you have on bottled water on hand with you at all times when you travel. That way, you can always have some clean water. I am going to try that the next time I go on a trip! Thanks!

5 years ago

I’ll have to use these water treatment tips the next time I’m traveling. I appreciate the detailed instruction for how to treat water on a trip as well. Thanks for the helpful water purifying tips.

5 years ago

Great review for the travel. For my job I have to travel a lot and your given information is really helped me very much. I always try to find new ways to drink safe water. Thank you!

5 years ago

This is one awesome post

I try to drink water every now and then – before going to sleep, after I wake up (Studies say that water can help to restart our organs), and during my meals.

Currently, I don’t track my water intake, but I am going to start doing it. As tracking is the only way we know for sure whether we have accomplished our goals.

I do carry around my own water bottle (20 oz) so tracking will not be tough for me

Also I try to make water more interesting, I usually go with iced tea

I don’t have a measuring cup, so I am just going to try and finish my bottle 3 times a day (that will get me close to my daily intake needed :D).

Anyways, thank you for the comprehensive post Water has so many benefits and yet many of us forget to drink enough of it everyday and most of us are not aware of what our daily intake should be.

5 years ago

This tips are amazing! I’m really a huge fan of water because it has so many benefits. By the way, I’m accepting the challenge,
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5 years ago

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4 years ago

ya drinking water is really beneficial for us and your 10 tips on this is simply amazing.

Our body is made up 70% of water and for its functioning, we have to keep it hydrated.