Exploring Peru: A Sacred Connection to the Andean Landscape

Insider knowledge about the gorgeous locations we’ll be visiting on our Peru Escape!

In July, we will be embarking on a very special FP Escapes adventure to Peru, a land inhabited by human civilization for thousands of years. These ancient societies were deeply connected to the earth and sky, with a knowledge and understanding that has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, many of the local indigenous people are the holders of this ancient knowledge, and they have been so kind as to share it with individuals outside of their community, such as modern day shamanic practitioner, Maggie Harrsen. Maggie has been studying in Peru for many years, and was initiated into the Andean path by Juan Nuñez del Prado in the Inka tradition. She is also a Mesa carrier of the Q’ero lineage of the Andes, and is here today to share ancient insights into the land. Read on for insider knowledge about some of the incredible locations we’ll be visiting along our Superfood Civilization journey, and be sure to sign up for the retreat to visit these places first hand.

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Energetic Overview

Many of us have come to realize that our soul-spirit nature is drawn to particular places on Earth. It is believed that when we arrive at such a place, our being is informed energetically by the vibrations of the land. As human beings we may experience this in many unique ways, such as having visions or spontaneous healing.

Often on these coordinates lay a temple, shrine or sacred place of nature such as a natural spring or rock formation. In Peru, the natives call these sacred places on land a huaca or wak’a, in Quechua. It is believed that the wakas are connected to each other through a system of imaginary lines beneath the surface of the Earth. They call these lines seqes which are essentially ley lines. Along these seqes lay energetic alignments of ancient sites or holy places said to be a source of power and energy.

Ollayntatambo (1)

In the sacred valley of Peru there are believed to be 42 seqes which connect 328 wakas, with Qorikancha, the most revered temple of the Incan Empire in Cusco, being the center.

Other sacred sites in Peru that one may be drawn are Moray, Las Salinas de Maras, Ollaytaytambo…

Ollayntatambo (2)


The archeological site of Moray features sacred Incan ruins consisting of circular terraces which were created to study the effects of the elements wind and sun on agriculture. The terraces create microclimatic conditions where the farming of certain varieties of vegetables and grains could be intimately studied.

When visiting Moray, you may immediately feel the richness and nourishment of the land. The nurturing feeling of resting in a sacred circle, a womb.  Sitting in this sacred site one often feels the presence of Sachamama, the great Serpent of the underworld.

Moray (2)

Las Salinas de Maras

Since pre-Incan times, salt has been harvested by hand from thousands of evaporation ponds, which are fed by a stream of mineral-rich water from an underground spring.

Visiting Las Salinas de Maras you may feel the transformative energy of purification. Salt has long been used for protection and the white terraces bring feelings of innocence and purity, reminding us of our true nature, that we come from the cosmos, the stars.

You can also purchase the salt as a souvenir directly from the families who harvest it and take it home with you to create a healing ritual bath.

Las Salinas de Maras (2)
Las Salinas de Maras


Nestled between the mountains lies the quaint village of Ollaytaytambo, with narrow cobblestone streets and irrigation channels of running mountain water.

Visiting the sacred site at Ollayntatambo, you may feel the presence of your ancestors, the ancient ones who have come before you. It is always beautiful to leave an offering in this place, such as a kintu, a family of three coca leaves that you empower with prayers using your breath.

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6 years ago

I love what you’ve written about energy. I really want to go to these places to feel it myself. Beautiful pictures!

6 years ago

Last year we were there and now when I`m looking these pictures it brings tears to my eyes …. amazing place, with amazing energy … Thank you for bring back the memories :)

6 years ago

Talking about Peruvian shamanism, spirituality, and Peru… but no mention of ayahuasca- the biggest part of Peruvian shamanism, culture/their history, and now their biggest form of modern tourism?