Find Your Inner Daredevil

Push your limits.

There are people among us who are seemingly scared of nothing. Born unafraid, they seek out the impossible challenges in life and pursue it with honest sincerity. They require a heart for adventure; their spirit always ready to take on a dare. They push the limits of possibility and scoff at the idea of boundaries. I can only suspect that they can live life no other way. Being courageously adventurous is in their blood. They are daredevils. They are born wild.

Though I will not condone tightrope walking between skyscrapers or free diving with sharks, I will support the idea of a continual search to spice things up. Here are a few ways to help bring out your inner daredevil.

Do something you have never done before. Start small. Buy a coffee for a stranger, sing karaoke, snorkel on vacation, hike by yourself, skinny dip. Begin by pushing yourself only once a month, then more often until you find yourself doing it once a day.

Physically leave your comfort zone. It’s amazing how daring we become when we remove the mental block standing in our way. There is an emotional high after we surprise ourselves by physically exerting more than we expect. Next time you find yourself tiring and out of breath on a run, dare yourself to sprint passed your previously set goal. Just that extra physical and mental energy will have you feeling elated.

Say yes. Especially when your automatic response is to say no. Go ahead, get out there.

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  1. Yes to all of these things! It may be scary at first, but allowing your inner daredevil to play feels so refreshing. Skinny dip under a full moon, try a new dish, walk down a different road, read erotic poems to your lover.

  2. I love this post. So interesting and inspiring. Please post more of this type of content.

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