FP Escapes: 10 Best Travel Looks

10 travel hacks + FP Me styling inspiration for your next adventure…

Getting ready for a trip can be difficult, even for a skilled globetrotter. We’ve partnered with a few FP Me users to show you their best travel looks inspired by each of our FP Escapes destinations. Although looking and feeling great is important, we also included travel tips + tricks from each of our FP Me stylists to get you ready before your next big adventure.

Hannah Janoe: Andalusia

IMG_5751 IMG_5704 IMG_5903
Midnight Sun Maxi, Spring Dreams Upper Arm Band

1. Lighten the clothing load. You don’t need as many outfits as you think, just choose your favorite pieces. If I’m going somewhere with warm weather, I’ve started trying to limit myself to sandals and one pair of sneakers. You can also stuff things into your shoes to make use of that extra space. If you have bulky shoes that you must bring like hiking shoes, wear them on the plane.

2. Bring the appropriate luggage for the type of trip you’re going on. Get a good backpack if you’re backpacking, and a good suitcase for other trips. Try to avoid checking a bag if you are going to be flying several different airlines. I like to bring a purse or tote with the things I will want on a long flight and a suitcase to stow overhead. I like the roller suitcases with the 360 degree roll wheels, because they are easy to maneuver through the airport during layovers. You will save some money and time by not checking a bag. Keeping a close eye on your valuables is also easier if they are on the plane with you. Make sure your toiletries are in a Ziploc bag and somewhere easy to access so you can quickly pull them out for going through security.

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Courtney Scott: Yellowstone

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Extra Tropical Dress, Spring Valley Ankle BootFrequency Choker

1. Wear your least packable hat on the plane, and pack the rest of your hats on the top of your luggage, stabilized on all sides with clothes.  The inside of the hats should also be stuffed so that the crown doesn’t get crushed. Take them out of your luggage as soon as you reach your destination.

2. I never use an iron anymore when I travel. I just pack a travel-sized wrinkle-release spray. It’s an amazingly easy way to take wrinkles out of your clothes. Just spray and hang for 10-15 minutes. If that doesn’t take all the wrinkles out, you can also take your hotel hair dryer and apply the heat to your wrinkles. Works every time.

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Katerina Patouhas: Andalusia

Minnie Tank
, Denim Super Flares, Alexa Lieutenant Hat

1. Plane rides are the perfect time to chill and do multiple face masks! I love bringing 1-3 face masks – especially ones that are heavy in moisturizing.

2. Hand sanitizer is your best friend! I always keep it with me when traveling.

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Photography by FP Emily

Andrea Whitt: Berkshires

Photo by Ashley Marie MyersPhoto by Ashley Marie Myers Photo by Ashley Marie Myers
FP One Java Cascade Mini, Embellished Military Shirt Jacket, Day For Night Platform Ankle Boot

1. As a musician I am always listening, writing and performing music so I never leave home without my portable blue tooth speaker. Whether I’m in a hotel, an Airstream in the desert, or around a campfire, creating my own personal soundtrack to my adventures is a key part of my travel experience.

2. Stay hydrated! Besides keeping up with liquids, a portable humidifier can be a savior for climate changes. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and it doubles as a fragrance diffuser!

Photographer: https://www.instagram.com/ashley_m_myers/
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Ashley Coley: Peru

08 10 07
FP One Sumia Mini Dress, Light and Easy Washed Jacket, Cecile Boot, Atlas Single Feather Duster

1. I always travel with a pashmina or large shawl, it gives you infinite outfitting options. Use one as a blanket when you’re cold, or fold it over your face to block out the light for a nap.

2. Throw a hotel bar soap or dryer sheet into your dirty laundry bag so it doesn’t stink up your suitcase for the rest of your trip.

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Photography by FP Emily

Iryna Krill: Yellowstone

untitled-20 untitled-23
All I Need Embroidered Top, Outlaw Boyfriend Short, Vegan Maddie Tie Up Sandal

1. Moisturizing is super important while on airplane, but for me keeping my lips hydrated is a must.  I always have a lip balm or two on me. I’m currently obsessing over Pure Paw Paw Ointment.

2. To prevent over packing, I create an “outfit inspiration” board on Pinterest of things I’d like to wear on a particular trip. I then reference the folder while packing and during the trip.

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Natalie Wall: Sonoma

IMG_7794 IMG_7211 IMG_7582  IMG_7426
Love Shakin’ Maxi, Arizona Birkenstock, Extended Brim Clipperton

1. When traveling abroad, bring a photocopy of your identification card + passport. In the rare event that these items get lost or stolen, this makes the process of replacing them (or even just getting home!) much easier.

2. Take photos. Hiking up that mountain with your camera *is* worth it. In the long run you’ll be glad you captured those memories – even if you’re covered in sweat for most of them. Speaking from experience.

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Cassi Ettman: Sonoma

02-3 01-4 01-2
Like This Like That Maxi, Marigold Block Heel, Bohemian Dreams Tote

1. I always try and pack a carry-on to avoid paying for a checked bag. When packing I’m sure to construct my outfits accordingly to save as much space as possible! Packing a few different items that can be styled in multiple ways helps optimize the minimal packing room.

2. I make sure to have a few playlists put together before a long roadtrip. This helps me stay focused on the road versus trying to figure out what song I want to listen to next!

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Katie Possage: Andalusia

11 14
Maverick Cuffed Crop, Wild Honey Tank, St. Germain Saddle Bag, Cecile Boot

1. When driving cross country I underestimated how hard it would be to eat healthy while on the road.  Now for longer road trips I keep a small cooler with healthier snacks to avoid feeling sluggish when traveling.

2. Bring extra clothing options for different types of weather.  There’s been so many times the weather has changed and I wasn’t prepared, now I pack layers in case things change unexpectedly.

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Photography by FP Emily

Naomi Huober: Berkshires

416A7307 416A7344 416A7291a
Oh Me Oh My Bodysuit, High Rise Roller Skinny, Beaufort Distressed Backpack

1. First and foremost, always ALWAYS bring a water bottle. Hydration is key whether your flying, driving, or hiking anywhere. Buying water is a waste of money, and not to mention horrible for the earth. Many airports now have water bottle fill-up stations, and most rest stops do too.

2. I’m a big podcaster. I always have a line-up of podcasts ready for any road trip. It turns a long car ride into an enriching experience and is a good thing to throw on once the conversation dies. My favorites right now are Bulletproof Radio and Dinner Party Download.

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+What are your travel essentials? 

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Megan b
6 years ago

Thanks for all the travel tips, super helpful!! I have an easy tip for clothes that are wrinkled. My mom hangs them in the bathroom and the steam from your shower pulls the wrinkles out like magic. Lol

6 years ago

I love the images… the first one makes me want to dive right in the water! The advice is good too, especially about how important it is to keep yourself hydrated when traveling. I’m not sure about the masque treatment on the plane though ;)



6 years ago

Perfect inspiring looks!



6 years ago

Lovely photos and thoughtful suggestions!

6 years ago

Thanks girls! xx

6 years ago

Great tips! To avoid overpacking for a trip, I always follow the rule of putting together an outfit for every day, and then removing one or two of them. I never miss the extra clothes!

Kate | http://www.NomadInNihon.com