FP Moms, We 💕 You

Giving love to all of the moms (and dog moms!) out there…

We love them. And sometimes…well, let’s just say that, depending on the situation, that love can be challenged a bit.

But inherently, we all know that moms want only to ensure that their children’s lives are full, and rich, and happy. (Yes, that includes pets, too.) On May 8th, we honor all the selfless and generous and thoughtful things that our moms do. Today — and every day, really — we want to celebrate all of the moms we work with here at Free People. They, and their families, are amazing and we’re so very lucky to call them our friends.

A few of our FP moms recently asked their kids to share what they love and know about their mommas… please enjoy some of our favorite responses below.

Doub (above)

What does your mom do for work?

Austin: “Work out.”

Asa: “Yoga.”



What’s your favorite thing about your mom?

Marlo, age 4: “You love me and read me stories.”

Eddie age 2 “A shirt” and “A Chocolate.”


My mom always tells me…

Mazzeo and Juniper: “To do the right thing.”


What’s your favorite thing about your mom?

Benji, age 16: “She is a very fun-loving person.”

What does your mom do for work?

Frida, age 9: “She works at Free People as a boss.”



My mom always says:

Olympia and Adele: “Love you guys.”


What’s your favorite thing about your mom?

Brooks: “I love when she makes me laugh, like when she sings the fanny, fanny, bo-banny song, but messes up the words.”


What does your mom do for work?

Declan: “A catalog at the printer.”

Nolan: “The computer.”


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7 years ago

New Romantics is just one of the most amazing works of art. There is a feeling of wholeness and warmth for a woman to feel like she is special and proud to be a woman. The Designer is just a genius and I love her inspiration in all of her designs. You can feel the love and elegance in all of her designs. Amazing, beautiful and the cost is too good to be true for such quality and elegance. Thank you Free People for this line. I love it. Bravo

7 years ago

Such as warm filling blog post! Congrats to all the mothers at FP! You all deserve the best!
Can’t wait for next times newest blog post.
… For now I’ll just be in watching Netflix. Have you checked out all the new shows and movies Netflix has added?
Check it out!

4 years ago

I am in love with you and can repeat million times. Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny.