Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 16–22

Read on to find out what the stars are up to this week…

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May 21–June 20

The sun’s grand entrance into Gemini marks the beginning of your birthday season. You’ll have more vitality and focus and will feel more outgoing. It’s natural to become somewhat self-centered as you set your course for the coming year. Although you’ll become wrapped up in personal concerns, this week’s full moon calls for you to balance them with consideration for the needs and feelings of others. A relationship may reach a climax, calling for you to shift gears or even walk away. A sun-Mars faceoff pits your ego against others’ actions or motives—or the direction of a partnership. Try to be self-aware and not to get threatened, as you or your perceived opponent could become highly reactive. Mercury is turning direct, stimulating your instincts and imagination. But it’s still in your subliminal corner, favoring listening and observation over communication. Happy birthday!




June 21–July 22

With the sun ducking into your spirit corner this week, your year begins to draw to a close. This is a period for retreat, reflection and rest. The call of your soul is strong; heed it. Inner life takes precedence over outer life as you slow down, look back and look within. You need peace and quiet, so carve out alone time. A full moon could spell a work or health crisis or the completion of a project. This is an opportune time to end a bad habit or drop something from your schedule. Because Mars is in the mix, you’ll be tempted to act on impulse if you get overwhelmed but should limit yourself to small, sensible actions like tidying your workspace or putting out feelers for jobs. After Mercury goes direct, communication with friends and peers will gradually get better.




July 23–August 22

The sun’s arrival in your network sector turns your attention to your friendships, your role in groups and the various personal and professional ties that you maintain. Your ideals may be revitalized by this transit, and being around people who share your interests and objectives is important. The full moon in your fulfillment zone gives you an urge to express your individuality and pushes you to balance a need to stand out from the crowd with an inclination to fit in. A creative project or love affair may reach a climax now. Although you’re in a social mood, you might decide to do your own thing—in pursuit of love, happiness or fun—as your impulses are likely to run counter to group interests, generating tension. Mercury’s direct turn makes career planning, goal setting and communication with higher-ups easier.




August 23–September 22

The sun ascends to the top of your chart this week, highlighting your career and goals and inviting you to shine. Your public image and life direction come into sharper focus now. You might be called to perform, and confidently keeping a higher profile will be good for you. The full moon in your foundation angle reminds you to also tend to your personal life. A domestic or family matter may need your attention, or you may feel highly emotional and need time to yourself. A sun-Mars faceoff indicates underlying frustration—or domestic or family turmoil—that could make it harder for you to achieve your objectives. Or you might be working against yourself with regressive behavior. Mercury’s direct turn facilitates travel and education and enables you to regain perspective. Hopefully you’ll start to feel like the big picture is coming together.




September 23–October 22

With the sun’s entry into your expansion sector this week, your enthusiasm for travel, learning and new experiences grows. Concentrate on broadening your horizons in the coming weeks by exposing yourself to difference of all kinds—cultural, religious, ideological and so on. Get out of your comfort zone and widen your world. A full moon in the opposite house could bring a flood of information or interactions, a flurry of activity or a development involving your community or a sibling. You could feel overwhelmed, particularly because Mars is linked with the full moon, triggering agitation and frustration. You might end up in an argument, and it won’t be easy to come to an understanding now. But with Mercury going direct, research, investigation, dialogue with someone close to you and inquiry into your own psyche will start to yield better results.




October 23–November 21

This week, the sun enters the house that Scorpio is naturally associated with. You may feel even more driven than usual to experience life on a very deep level, and you’ll be more in touch with subtleties, your psyche and your sexuality. You might want to work through an issue involving a close relationship or a loss, and change is possible now. The full moon in your worth zone and a sun-Mars opposition call for you to balance your needs with those of another person and to be willing to compromise when it comes to sharing, power and control. Give-and-take will feel challenging, as “mine” and “ours” seem to represent competing interests. Impulse spending is a danger, so curtail it if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Mercury’s direct turn will help you to resolve differences and sort out a relationship.




November 22–December 21

The sun crosses your partnership angle this week, calling for you to contemplate your one-on-one connections and your role in them. You’ll learn more about yourself through your relationships than you will by yourself in the coming month. Seek companionship and channel your energy into maintaining bonds with other individuals. However, a full moon in Sagittarius puts your needs and feelings front and center, and you may feel temperamental. Mars is linked with the moon, which could cause your moodiness to veer into irritability and perhaps a bit of aggression. Try to make clear what you need from others without infringing on their needs. If you’re overwhelmed, spend time alone and drop something from your agenda. With Mercury going direct, details will slowly fall into place, scheduling snafus will get straightened out and communication on the job will improve.




December 22–January 19

As the sun segues into your efficiency corner this week, the way you organize your life, do your work, take care of yourself and go about your day is emphasized. In the month to come, channel your energy into doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability. Contemplate your habitual modus operandi and how it could be improved. A full moon in your spirit sector calls for you to balance outer productivity with attention to inner needs. Repressed emotions are apt to surface, and you shouldn’t shy away from them, but nor should you allow them to trigger self-sabotaging or ill-advised actions. Retreat from the world when you can, and get plenty of sleep—taking note of your dreams. After Mercury goes direct, you’ll have an easier time thinking creatively, expressing where you’re coming from and weighing risks.




January 20–February 18

After the sun shows up in your fulfillment sector this week, you’ll feel more free to express your personality, creativity, affection, humor and love. The pursuit of happiness becomes paramount, and you’ll be more intent than usual on simply enjoying life. But the full moon in your network zone might bring drama with friends or a flurry of group activities, so you’ll temporarily need to shift your focus to other people’s needs and feelings and perhaps compromise between personal pleasure and group interests. A sun-Mars faceoff suggests some sort of you-versus-them battle, and you might find it difficult to cooperate, especially given that Mars is still retrograde. Mercury is turning direct, though, improving communication with family or housemates and clarifying your emotional state and domestic matters. If you’ve been reflecting on the past, your insights will start to gel.




February 19–March 20

The sun dips down to the bottom of your chart this week, drawing your attention to family, home, memories, comfort and private feelings. Spend time alone tuning into your emotional state and reflecting on the past. A full moon momentarily pulls you into the outer world, and it could coincide with a shift in your career path or life direction or the achievement of a goal. You may wind up in the spotlight and should be prepared to promote yourself. It might be time to let a particular objective fall by the wayside if it’s no longer relevant. A run-in with an authority figure is possible, so try not to vent your frustration in public and keep your cool as much as possible. Thankfully, Mercury is turning direct, helping you to express your point of view and think clearly.




March 21–April 19

With the sun moving into your thinking-and-talking sector this week and Mercury finishing up its retrograde phase, your thoughts and communication should sharpen considerably. Consider your habitual thought patterns, the way you express yourself and how well you listen. How do those things affect your perception of reality and your interactions? The full moon may bring a crisis of faith or an urge for learning, expansion and adventure, and your beliefs might shift. Plus a publishing project or trip could come to fruition. But a sun-Mars opposition could spell a difference of opinion or a full-blown fight. You don’t need to relinquish your own views, but try to appreciate those of others as well. You could be identifying very strongly with your ideas and perspective and adding to the tension. With Mars retrograde, we’re all prone to overreacting.




April 20–May 20

The sun leaves your sign this week and segues into your worth zone, turning your attention to your finances, personal values, possessions, self-esteem and resources—both material and nonmaterial. But a full moon in the opposite house meets up with Mars, pushing you to balance this emphasis on your security and needs with a willingness to let go of something. That could mean working through a stagnant emotion to facilitate psychological wellbeing or leaving a close relationship, a hurt or a loss in the past. Transformation that expedites progress is the objective. If a conflict arises in a relationship, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. With Mercury going direct in Taurus, your lucidity and self-expression will gradually improve, and if you’ve had any insights into yourself, you can start assessing how you might apply them.


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