Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 23–29

See what the universe has in store for you this week…

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May 21–June 20

Venus dances into Gemini this week, gifting you with extra doses of beauty, magnetism and sociability. You’re able to project an air of warmth and get along well with people. A Venus-Mars opposition indicates a strong attraction or a conflict between your demeanor or desire and someone’s behavior or reaction. One-on-one encounters are likely to be stimulating—in a good way or a bad way. A Jupiter-Saturn battle that began two months ago highlights the hard work involved in maintaining a connection and your underlying hope for security and comfort. Longstanding expectations may not mesh with the reality of a committed relationship. With Mars reentering your efficiency house, you won’t be as productive as you’d like in the next month, but it will be a good period for evaluating your work, health, schedule, time management and skills and eliminating bad habits. If you’re not passionate about your job or how you spend your day, contemplate what changes you can make.




June 21–July 22

With Venus slipping into your release corner this week, you’ll start to need more alone time or private time with a loved one. You may be called to take care of another person or make a sacrifice to help someone in the coming weeks. When Venus opposes Mars, your inclination to retreat needs to be balanced against your drive to get things done. You may want to be by yourself but also need to work with others. Jupiter’s clash with Saturn began a couple of months ago, pitting optimistic thinking against limiting circumstances, and adjusting your attitude or your approach will help. Try to blend confidence and humility, and cut something from your schedule if you’ve taken on too much. After Mars backtracks into your fulfillment sector, the pursuit of pleasure, love, fun and happiness could feel more challenging. Ask yourself if you’re going after the right things and people, and consider revising a creative project or reviving an old hobby.




July 23–August 22

Venus’s arrival in your network sector brings a desire to be around plenty of people in the coming weeks, so spend time socializing with friends, engaging in group activities and doing some professional networking. Although you’ll enjoy camaraderie, a Venus-Mars faceoff implies your pursuit of personal pleasure might interfere. Perhaps you want to go along with others but also feel compelled to do your own thing. Try your best to balance group interests and individual endeavors. Jupiter’s fight with Saturn—continued from March—signifies tension between your burgeoning confidence and your fears related to love, creativity or self-expression. You may believe you’re capable of getting what you want but have doubts about how happy it will ultimately make you. With Mars retreating to your foundation angle, you could start to stay home more, reassess your living situation, redecorate, face repressed anger and dredge up a family problem or childhood hurt. Tune into your emotions without reacting to them, and comfort yourself.




August 23–September 22

Venus climbs to your ambition angle this week, enabling you to appeal to higher-ups and gain favor in public or in your profession. Positive circumstances or people can influence your success in the coming weeks. A Venus-Mars faceoff suggests your interest in achievement or good PR could be undermined by childish behavior, family or domestic strife or anger. Do your best to balance public and private. Jupiter in Virgo is taking up its fight with Saturn again, so growing, changing, exploring and feeling optimistic about the future can conflict with clinging to security and roots and living by childhood rules. Courage spars with fear, calling for you to temper your hopes with lessons learned. As Mars moves back into your cognition-and-communication sector, you’d do well to rethink a conflict with a sibling, a writing project or a course of action. Expect crossed wires and avoid lashing out. Consider how you habitually think and talk and whether you should change any of these patterns.




September 23–October 22

When Venus—your ruling planet—lands in your exploration house this week, you’ll be attracted to cultural experiences, people, places and concepts outside your usual purview, and your consciousness can expand in the process of broadening your horizons. Travel and dating outside your comfort zone are favored. But a Venus-Mars opposition hints that a disagreement, everyday busyness, activity closer to home and a drive to assert your own ideas rather than appreciate difference could interrupt the pleasure you might take in branching out. Jupiter’s continuing squabble with Saturn that started in March pits your subconscious faith and expectations against a more cautious attitude, and spiritual aspirations may compete with practical concerns. After Mars backpedals into your worth zone, you should focus on decluttering, reviewing your financial strategy and confronting a link between your self-esteem and your approach to money and possessions. In the coming month, avoid fighting over money, values and stuff, and also avoid impulse spending.




October 23–November 21

Venus slips into your depth sector this week, intensifying closeness and facilitating self-transformation and relationship change. But her faceoff with Mars could spell conflict over values, money, possessions, sharing or jealousy. At this time, you should try to balance your needs and those of another person. You might be drawn to someone because of what you can get from them. When Jupiter resumes its quarrel with Saturn from March, limited resources or your fear of lack clash with group expectations or support. Your faith in people may also conflict with your insecurity. After Mars backs into Scorpio, you’ll need to revisit your personal agenda. Get in touch with your inner will and discarded passions and address pent-up anger. Avoid imploding or displacing your aggression. The slow pace and apathy may frustrate you, and questioning what you’re doing—and why—is appropriate. Strive to understand what drives you and how you put your intentions into action. Seek the ball of fire within you and stoke the flames.




November 22–December 21

Venus crosses your one-on-one angle this week, facilitating pleasant interactions with other individuals and encouraging you to connect. Compromise and peacemaking are favored, but when Venus opposes Mars in Sagittarius, your close relationships can be affected by your assertiveness or your frustration. Although a fight is one possibility, you might pursue someone you’re attracted to now. Since Mars is retrograde, your behavior may not be very direct—or you could get back together with an ex. Jupiter’s continuing battle with Saturn in your sign implies a reformulation of personal objectives and professional aspirations. If you’re aiming too high and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, focus on taking one step at a time. With Mars backtracking into your subliminal sector, you’re liable to work against yourself, so keep an eye out for self-defeating patterns and confront them. You should also watch for repressed anger now. If you’re behaving in a way that you didn’t intend to, strive to comprehend your hidden motives.




December 22–January 19

With Venus moving into your efficiency corner this week, you might beautify your workspace, work on a relationship, socialize with coworkers and place more value on your health. Venus’s opposition with Mars implies that unconscious behavior can mar your rapport with colleagues or repressed anger can make it harder for you to be of service to another person. A private relationship with someone at your job is another possibility. Toiling behind the scenes can help you to gain recognition or produce results that please you. A Jupiter-Saturn spat pits your faith in the future against lingering doubts—or enthusiasm for expansion against the necessity of ending a current chapter. After Mars reenters your network house, you might begin reconnecting with friends and professional contacts, but because Mars is retrograde, you should guard against rehashing old battles and overreacting. Review your friendships, ties with groups and new interests and objectives, mulling over what action might be required down the road.




January 20–February 18

With Venus waltzing into your fulfillment zone this week, enjoying life becomes a higher priority. Creativity, romance and expressing your personality and affection will be especially satisfying. Venus’s faceoff with Mars hints that teamwork, group activities or friendship could conflict with your pursuit of personal pleasure, though, calling for you to balance doing your own thing and collaborating with others. A platonic connection might also turn into something more now. Jupiter and Saturn are feuding, so you may not get the support from someone that you’re expecting; work on cooperation, sharing and interdependency. It’s important to invest in your relationships, as they’re an area of growth for you. When Mars backs into your ambition angle, start to reconsider your goals and avoid stepping on an authority figure’s toes by pushing too hard. Ask yourself what you’re passionate about, what drives you and what you’re most motivated to accomplish. Don’t assume someone is blocking your success. Recalibrate your objectives to align them with who you are today.




February 19–March 20

With Venus dipping down to the bottom of your chart this week, the pleasures of home take on added appeal, and you may want to play hostess, spend time with family or enjoy peace and quiet by yourself. You might also get into the mood to redecorate. A Venus-Mars faceoff spells tension between your private and professional lives or between downtime and ambition. You could be inclined to relax but also feel compelled to achieve something. A Jupiter-Saturn battle—carried over from March—implies that you’re pinning your hopes on what you can gain through other people and you’re frustrated by the slow pace of your progress. The need to answer to higher-ups, work within a system or be held accountable might also stymie you. After Mars backpedals into your expansion sector, devote energy to relearning something and regaining your perspective. Consider how your beliefs affect your behavior and how you might address that dynamic. Don’t let differences of opinion escalate into unproductive battles.




March 21–April 19

After Venus shows up in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, your mindset and communication should become more pleasant, and you’ll be able to appreciate the warmth in your interactions and the beauty in your environment. Expressing fondness for people will feel fairly natural. But a Venus-Mars opposition suggests your friendly rapport and positive attitude could be disturbed by a difference of opinion or an urge to fight for what you believe in. Aim for balance between asserting your views and enjoying your dealings with others. Jupiter picks up its quarrel with Saturn that began in March, highlighting the fact that you’re willing to take on plenty of work and responsibilities but may feel like there’s still a long road ahead of you and much to learn. With Mars backing into your depth house, problems involving trust, sex, jealousy, closeness, sharing, taxes, insurance, joint resources, grants, loans, debt, secrets, research, grief, obsession or anger could arise, and delving into them can lead to transformation.




April 20–May 20

Venus segues into your worth zone this week, underscoring what you have, what you need and what you value in life and in yourself. Your tastes become more lavish under this influence, and beauty will be an incentive to spend money. When Venus opposes Mars, your personal desires and priorities come into conflict with sharing in a close relationship, and you could have a disagreement over joint resources, money, possessiveness or trust. And you might be attracted to a person now because you see something in him or her that you want. An ongoing Jupiter-Saturn scuffle contrasts faith in love, courageous self-expression and the enthusiastic pursuit of happiness with fear of intimacy, a struggle to accept your whole self and difficulty in getting what you need from someone. After Mars reenters your one-on-one angle, strive to learn how to air your grievances and work through them. Avoid projecting your frustrations onto people. Reassess close connections and contemplate which you should pursue, maintain or sever.

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6 years ago

Love this! Gemini is accurate!
Xo, Lauren

6 years ago

Gemini is on point. Needed to hear that!

3 years ago

I love this!