June Moon Calendar Download

Download our latest calendar for June!

With Memorial Day in our past, the long hot days of summer are stretching before us with infinite possibility. Days filled with barbecues and beach time, yoga in the park and reading under shady trees, it’s a season to relax and have as much fun as possible. Keep track of it all with our latest calendar download, designed exclusively by our graphic design team! Set it as your desktop background or grab a hard copy here.

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Calendar design by Holly Degan

+ What are you looking forward to in June?

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June is my birth month, so it’s always a bit special for me.


Ahhh June. To me, summer has arrived even though it’s not the 21st. There’s no better feeling then getting my summer dresses out that have been staring at me from the back of my closet since October when I put them away. Thank you Mother Nature.


Will there be a July download calendar?

Thank you for all you do.



Waiting for that amazing july calendar <3