Braids + Flowers: The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th of July

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie!

This post was originally published on July 1, 2015, but we loved it so much we’re sharing it again!

July has finally arrived, meaning there is only a short time before Independence Day! In the frenzy of making picnic and barbecue plans and pulling together a red, white, and blue outfit for the upcoming weekend, the last thing on my mind is what do with my hair. That is until I recently got inspired to switch up my typical patriotic look, incorporating the signature Fourth of July colors into my hairstyle — not just my clothing. I have always loved the simple beauty of flowers tucked into braids, and this colorful holiday provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with the look, creating a unique way to wear the flag’s colors.

Check out the simple tutorial below that will have you standing out at this weekend’s Independence Day festivities!


What you need: 

Small white flowers (I used baby’s breath)

Small red flowers

Clear hair elastics

Hair brush


Begin by brushing your hair and creating a middle part. Split your hair into two equal sections on either side of your head.


The ultimate goal is to have three braids on each side of your head, totaling six overall. Start at the very top on one side, making the start of a small braid. Begin pulling small amounts of hair into the braid as you work back and down your head. Essentially you are french braiding your hair, but in a small 1-2 inch section.



Once you’ve pulled in all the hair in that section, return to a regular braid. Stop a few inches from the bottom of your hair and secure the end with a clear elastic.


Continue repeating this on the 1-2 inch section below the top braid, and then the section below that. When you have finished one side, mirror it on the other creating six french braids.



Cut small pieces of your red and white flowers and place them in between the small folds created by the braids. Alternate between red and white, starting at the top of your head and working your way down the back.


Once your head is covered in the small flowers, you are ready to sport your patriotic look to whatever festivities you have planned for the day!





Model: Katerina

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7 years ago


7 years ago

That look is just gorgeous!! I love the natural feel to it, as opposed to dyeing/chalking my hair various colors haha


My Transformation into a Social Butterfly

7 years ago

I love using flowers and making gorgeous head wreaths for my photo shoots. I even made a little video to help others have fun making their own… Love this!

<3 <3 <3

7 years ago

This is so beautiful!

jamie ann
7 years ago
7 years ago
6 years ago

Great spring/summery look! :)

6 years ago

*SCREAM* Oh my gosh I LOVE the hair and her earrings! Where do the earrings come from? :D

6 years ago

Love it! But some parts confuse me because her big ring is in the way. I one of those people who have to see it actually being done. Anyone want to do a random act of kindness and do a tutorial of this – and then put it on youtube???

6 years ago

This is magnificent. Doing this today! Style inspiration.

6 years ago

Beautiful! It’s perfect for the summer. s2

6 years ago

That`s so simple and sophisticated! I like braided hairstyles and often braid my daughter`s hair as well as mine. I use and sometimes youtube tutorials. The Internet is overfilled with different ideas!

6 years ago

Oh I love it! Braids all day errr’day! :-)

6 years ago

I really liked it. Beautiful :-)

5 years ago

That’s really impressive..truly elegant hairstyle and definitely I would like to try someday. Would look forward for more braid hairstyles :-)

~ Melina