Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 13–19

Find out what’s happening between the stars this week…

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May 21–June 20

With Mercury now traveling through Gemini, your mind is active, you’re feeling more talkative, and your ability to express yourself and to think through personal matters with objectivity is markedly improved. Both the sun and Venus in your sign are clashing with Mars in your efficiency house this week, so you’re probably not terribly interested in tackling your to-do list. And a Mars-Uranus spat suggests your social life will also cut into your productivity. Fortunately, the sun is gelling with Uranus, offering you moments of camaraderie with friends and an exhilarating sense of being on the same wavelength with people. As Venus segues into your worth sector, your personal values, finances and possessions take on added importance. But it’s Saturn’s quarrel with Neptune — continued from last November — that is likely to set the tone for the week. Saturn is pushing you to approach your relationships with maturity and accountability, while Neptune is making you unsure of your life direction. And you may feel compelled to define a specific connection more clearly and talk about where things are headed. If you’re feeling tested or confused, try not to project that onto the other person. Own those feelings, and do your best to communicate them.




June 21–July 22

A wish for downtime and privacy could keep you from getting out and enjoying life this week, with planets in your retreat corner clashing with Mars in your pleasure sector. Although you’re not in a particularly social mood, you’ll still have the occasional urge to play. Letting go of a past love could distract you from pursuing a current one, and with Mars retrograde, you may not be clear on your own motives. And Mars’s conflict with Uranus in your ambition angle symbolizes your desire for more freedom to do as you please. Fortunately, the sun is harmonizing with Uranus, suggesting that toiling behind the scenes can help you to make progress. With Venus entering Cancer for nearly a month-long stay, you’ll start to feel friendlier and more attractive, and your magnetic appeal will help you to draw in what you want. Since Saturn is squabbling with Neptune — as he did last November — you need to prioritize in order to conserve energy. If your everyday life seems burdensome or limiting to you, your outlook is probably suffering. You could be feeling too overworked to dream. Do what needs to be done, but don’t let that keep you from envisioning a brighter future.




July 23–August 22

Planets in your network sector are quibbling with Mars this week, increasing the chances that group relations will be disrupted by domestic or family issues or underlying aggression or anger. Reverting to childish behavior can have an impact on friendship. And since Mars is sparring with Uranus in your adventure house as well, it’s possible that you’ll need to take care of matters at home despite your urge to travel or have other exhilarating experiences. Thankfully, the sun is gelling with Uranus, bringing an opportunity to meet new people, learn from others, engage in humanitarian efforts or go somewhere with a friend or group. With Venus segueing into the last house of your chart, you may start to crave more alone time, pine for lost love or feel like taking care of someone. Saturn is picking up his argument with Neptune where they left off in November, triggering your preoccupation with self-actualization and confusion over closeness, sex or your own psyche. You’re trying to carve out a new identity for yourself and become a more well-rounded person, but you also yearn to share your life with someone. Don’t try to quell a fear or escape a loss by idealizing a connection with another person.




August 23–September 22

Mercury has climbed to the top of your chart, turning your thoughts toward goals and enhancing your communication with higher-ups. Venus and the sun are also in your ambition angle, but they’re sparring with Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, which could interfere with your quest to shine in your profession or in public. You want to make a good impression, but an assertive tone and overidentification with your own ideas may not go over well, so be mindful of how you’re expressing yourself. Mars is also arguing with Uranus in your sharing sector, hinting that your manner of communicating can affect a close relationship as well. Since the sun and Uranus are teaming up, partnership, research and flexible use of resources can facilitate success. Given that Saturn is still hanging out at the bottom of your chart and challenging Neptune in your one-on-one angle as he did last November, you’re likely to be somewhat focused on your home life or private emotions and feeling unsure of others’ reliability. You could be tired of taking care of someone or feel drained by a relationship, and underlying insecurity may exacerbate codependency. Put more energy into understanding yourself than reading someone else’s mind.




September 23-October 22

With planets in your expansion house conflicting with Mars in your worth zone this week, you want to transcend your everyday life but also feel compelled to deal with realities like finances, possessions or available resources. Action based on your own values and priorities could conflict with an appreciation of difference and an exploration of new ideas, people, beliefs, knowledge and ways of life. Mars is also at odds with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, hinting that asserting your personal needs might upset the balance in a relationship. As your ruling planet, Venus, ascends to the top of your chart, your appeal with higher-ups grows and you’ll be able to make a favorable impression in your profession and in public. You could get involved in more creative work or become attracted to someone who’s senior to you in years or position. Saturn and Neptune are renewing their fight that began last November, so your pragmatic attitude could conflict with your aspiration to fulfill a higher purpose. You might be looking at things practically — even a bit pessimistically— but still daydream of a more ideal everyday life. Try to find some middle ground between a glass-half-empty mindset and naive self-deception about work and responsibilities.




October 23–November 21

Several planets are squabbling with Mars in Scorpio this week, so you’ll need to make adjustments here and there. Venus and the sun in your sharing sector are two of those planets, hinting that pursuing your own agenda can hinder closeness, and asserting yourself may not get the response you’re after from a particular person. And a Mars-Uranus spat symbolizes the disconnect between your m.o. and changing circumstances. Remember that Mars is still retrograde, so it’s understandable if some of your efforts miss the mark. Flexibility is key, and the sun’s link with Uranus hints that partnership, research or intensely focused energy can make a difference as well. As Venus moves into your expansion zone, you’ll start to set your sights higher and feel more able to connect with people, places, ideas, beliefs and experiences outside your usual purview. The Saturn-Neptune feud that began last fall continues this week, exacerbating your fear of lack and your idealization of love or happiness. You may be worrying about money, grappling with possessions, figuring out your values and struggling with low self-esteem, and such challenges can make personal fulfillment, romance, creativity and fun feel even more out of reach. It’s hard for Scorpios to resist framing things as all or nothing, but try.




November 22–December 21

Venus and the sun in your one-on-one angle are clashing with Mars in your subliminal sector, increasing the odds that you’ll undermine yourself in a relationship. When Mars is hiding out in the last house of your chart — and traveling retrograde as well — it’s so easy to fall into the trap of working against yourself. Self-awareness will offer you some protection, though. Mars is also disagreeing with Uranus in your joy house, potentially causing disruptions with love, creativity and fun, so again, pay attention to the affect that your actions are having and what is motivating them. Luckily, a sun-Uranus collaboration hints at liberating playfulness and the opportunity to be yourself with someone. Saturn in Sagittarius is taking up its fight with Neptune again, continued from seven months ago. Saturn is tempering your exuberance and pushing you to get in touch with yourself and delineate your true identity more clearly. Meanwhile, Neptune is causing fatigue or confusion related to family, home life or emotions. You may feel more alone in the world than usual, and perhaps you’re not supported or comforted in the way that you yearn to be — but you should be proud of your ability to take care of yourself.




December 22–January 19

Work and socializing aren’t on the same page this week, with planets in your duties sector battling Mars in your networking zone. Teamwork on the job could also prove difficult, and you’ll need to be prepared to tweak your approach. Part of you might be willing to focus on detailed tasks that require immediate attention, while part of you wants to shift gears and move on to new objectives. Since Mars is also clashing with Uranus in your foundation angle, your family, home life or emotional state could sidetrack group activities. But thanks to a meeting between the sun and Uranus, working from home or working on your home might be productive. Venus is crossing your one-on-one angle, so you’ll start to feel more agreeable, affectionate and able to compromise. As your ruler, Saturn, takes up its fight with Neptune from last fall once again, your subconscious and conscious may conflict. You’re probably tired, a bit melancholy and feeling unable to focus intently on anything, so don’t jump to conclusions or make any big decisions. Tie up loose ends, and don’t dwell on mistakes or failures. Make time for dreaming —  that means getting more sleep and also allowing your mind to wander occasionally during the day.




January 20–February 18

With planets in your play sector battling Mars in your ambition angle this week, your desire to enjoy life is competing with your drive to achieve something. Romance, creativity, hobbies and other pleasurable pursuits might need to take a backseat at times if you’re going after a goal. And you may not be able to express your individuality exactly as you please when you’re dealing with authority figures. Mars is also sparring with Uranus in your communication corner, upping the odds that you’ll speak out of turn or take an unintentionally aggressive tone, so try to be mindful of how you’re coming across. Fortunately, a sun-Uranus confab hints at an opportunity to convey your inventiveness, your personality or your feelings and could bring stimulating encounters and a positive change of heart. Saturn and Neptune are resuming their feud from last November, so although you’re working hard to integrate with other people, you may feel insecure and uncertain of what you have going for you and how you can meet your needs. Vague values or depleted funds might lead you to fear that you can’t keep up with others; it’s important to team up with people who share your interests and goals and to have friends you can rely on.




February 19–March 20

Venus and the sun are nestled in your foundation angle and disagreeing with Mars in your expansion zone this week, generating friction between the part of you that wants to enjoy the comforts of home and family and the part of you that wants to explore the world. Maybe you’re torn between sticking with the tried and true and doing something new. Perhaps you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and you’re tempted to opt for comfort over adventure or safety over risk. Mars is also clashing with Uranus, so your impetus to travel, broaden your mind and have new experiences may be deterred by unstable finances or confidence. Fortunately, a sun-Uranus meetup suggests that decluttering your space will feel liberating and spending time with people who know you can give you a jolt of self-worth. Saturn is taking up his war with Neptune again — continued from last fall — so you may have trouble turning your idealistic vision into reality. The necessity of working for others or within a system will only stifle your creativity if you let it. Bring discipline to bear on your dreams, stay focused on what you want to accomplish and follow a realistic game plan.




March 21–April 19

Mars in your sharing sector is tussling with Venus and the sun in your thinking-and-talking corner and Uranus in your sign this week, complicating close relationships and possibly distracting you from something you’re trying to focus on. It could be difficult to strike the right balance between light and heavy with another person, and you might feel like you need to adjust your tone. You may get impatient with someone you care about or rebel against intimacy, and it could be that you need more personal space. Luckily, the sun is in sync with Uranus in Aries, giving you an outlet for restless energy. Your mind and conversations are apt to be lively, and your curiosity will be stimulated. Your thoughts and communication can give you a sense of limitless possibilities. With Saturn in your expansion zone, you’re working to broaden your mind and to construct your personal worldview. And this week, as Saturn takes up his fight with Neptune in your subconscious sector that began in the fall, emptiness, regret or melancholy may cause you to question the meaning of life and your place in the world. Even robust Rams sometimes face the existential void; it’s okay not to know for sure what’s next.




April 20–May 20

Partnership could be tricky this week, with Mars in your one-on-one angle disagreeing with planets in your worth and subconscious houses. Your personal values, finances, possessions and material needs or desires could conflict with a collaboration. Or you may find it difficult to get on the same page with someone when it comes to such issues. And compulsive behavior, a sudden disclosure or a subliminal urge to rebel could upset the apple cart. But thankfully, the sun is clicking with Uranus, giving you insights into your self-esteem, your relationship with money and what’s most important to you. Honest introspection can help you to get your priorities straight. With Venus arriving in your thinking-and-talking sector, you’re encouraged to appreciate the beauty in your environment, notice the warmth in your interactions and express your affection for people in the coming month. Saturn and Neptune are renewing their argument from last autumn, reminding you that combining your needs, values, resources and interests with someone else’s is challenging, and figuring out who you fit in with is sometimes bewildering. Commit to focusing on something you’re passionate about, work on sharing and trust issues and base your connections with other people on your highest values rather than superficial similarities.


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