Hit The Reset Button

Sometimes you just need to…

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

For most of us, there’s this thing that we dedicate most of our week to — work. We have routines to follow… it’s just day-to-day business. It’s life, I guess? But we tend to pick up all this, uh, junk along the way — stress, stagnancy, uncertainty, which can affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. This junk I speak of disconnects us from ourselves, causing us to lose our center, become unbalanced and “clogged up.”

So then comes a time when we’ve no choice but to hit the reset button. Why?

It’s incredibly important, if not vital to your well-being.

Two weeks ago, I caught myself acting moody, a little rude to the ones I love, and just exhausted. Saying out loud, “I need to go somewhere” which threw up the red flag, alerting me to act before I ended up having a total meltdown.


Last weekend, I left the city for a MUCH needed reset. I know that, for me, nothing feels better than experiencing a new place and getting into nature, so that’s precisely what I did. I didn’t go far, only t 1 1/2 hour’s drive away. Packed up sneakers, leggings, a t-shirt and sunscreen, and took off for the woods. As soon as the city streets and buildings were replaced with trees in my rear-view, something in me shifted. I could physically feel a weight lifting from me. A new attitude, endless smiles, the ability to take a deep breath. Really. I hiked for two days, explored small towns and new areas, and slowwwed down. With each step I took I felt all the junk dissolve.

I felt like a whole new person. I felt like me again. I love me and really missed me!


Find what brings you alll the joy, what completely resets you, and DO it. Leave the city for a weekend, or go to the city for a weekend! Go to a concert, dance your ass off. Spend time near water. See your friends. You’ll be oh-so-glad you did (those around you will be glad, too).

It felt so good to ignore my normal weekend routine and do the opposite. We’re all dealing with our stuff and living our lives, but it’s easy to lose yourself and harder to appreciate things when you’re not dedicating time to do what you just gotta do.


+What about you? What helps you reset?!

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4 years ago

I just pressed the reset button! Went on a spa weekend. Well, pre-weekend I guess. And it wasn’t until I was there getting my zen on that I realized how badly I needed it.

4 years ago

I can definitely relate to this post. My reset button is usually me staying in, but silencing my phone or even going fully unplugged and just having time to myself. Course, a little drive alone can’t hurt as well!

4 years ago

Love this post! I reset by spending some quiet time on my own and also getting out in nature a you said – although I don’t do it nearly enough!

4 years ago

I totally agree! nothing does the trick like a good nature walk or basking in the sun by the beach….getting away from the noise of the city and unplugging from social media…

4 years ago

Out in the nature! Out in the nature!


4 years ago

I am totally in this headspace right now. With the end of my Uni semester approaching, the exams and the assignments mean I’m spending day after day instead studying and working away. Every night when I finally lay down I have that overwhelming feeling to get up and leave – which just like you said always indicates to me that I’m not doing things that are good for my mental health. Unfortunately this end of semester hell is something I have to push through and finish, but this post has given me that further push I need and extra energy to ensure I get away somewhere once it’s all over.


4 years ago

When things get too heavy in my life, I remember to play! Whether it’s outside in the sun or climbing a mountain or eating good food with even better company. Or even just getting up and dancing! Plus lots of laughing! Everything feels better with a good laugh ((:

4 years ago

Love this post. We all need to recognize when we need this. It does work wonders to runaway from home once in awhile.

4 years ago

I love this post! There are so many times when I feel like I need to reset, but I do not take the action like you did to actually get away. I know that I need to plan a hiking, or camping trip to reset my mind and go away for awhile.

4 years ago

I’m definitely inspired to book a weekend break away after reading this post! A change of scenery always feels amazing ♥

Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk