How’s Your Relationship With The Sun?

Mine’s a struggle. It’s a total love/hate. I’m constantly wishin’, hopin’, and dreamin’ for a sunny day, but then find myself hiding when it finally comes out to stay.

As much as I’d like to pretend I was a carefree beach bum who could spend hours effortlessly dancing along the beach without a worry in the world, checking off all of the “cool girl” boxes, lookin’ all tan and flirty in my bikini… I’m not. I get a bit stressed. The sun is a big, bright, beautiful yet scary thing. It can do some serious damage. And I find myself constantly struggling between having serious beach FOMO, and serious burns. So, how do we achieve balance? Do I over-think everything way more then most of my friends who slay on the beach each summer vacation? Maybe. Definitely. But hey, I’m doin’ my biggest organ (my skin), a huge favor. And 20 years from now, I’ll be thanking my 24 year old self.

This is the best advice I give myself on a daily basis. Do you, girl! I may be that girl with, like, 15 hats on, 100 SPF, and a coverup as I walk from the house to the beach, but I’m doin’ me! Don’t be afraid to do you. Here’s how my relationship with the sun is making some progress…

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Prep. I’m a planner, so what? If I know my day at the beach (or on a hike, at the pool… you get the gist) is going to be 90 degrees and sunny, I like to suggest going at a time that the UV index (which can be found on the weather app on your iPhone), is lower. The highest UV is usually between the hours of 11-3, so working around those hours helps keep the bad burning away, and my mind at peace.

Lather. Finding a good sunblock that isn’t full of chemicals and yucky things for my skin has made me as happy as a clam. Choose whatever SPF that makes you feel comfortable, but I suggest at least 30 or higher. Giving yourself some time and putting on your sunblock before you get dressed and head outside is key. It gives your skin time to absorb, dry, and you some security that you’re already taken care of.

Accessorize. Hats, scarves, sunnies, and umbrellas are all welcomed. I’ve found that when I’m wearing accessories that help protect my skin and keep my confidence up, I’m more comfortable and can relax a lot more.

Play Hooky. If you have to skip a day on the beach because your skin’s had enough, don’t worry! Grab a book and sit on the porch under the deck with a coverup. A couple hours with your friends isn’t as important as your health. It’s obvious when your skin is telling you it’s had enough, so listen to it. Lather up in some aloe, and let it go.

+How do you keep a happy, balanced, relationship with the sun? Let me know in the comments!

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This post gave me serious summer beach vibes. Literally want to just take a trip to the beach and lay under the sun. Honestly, i really need to reignite my relationship with the sun.


Buying organic and better sunscreen changed my life. Many people don’t realize how quickly your skin absorbs rays and bad chemicals. Great read for this season.


I’m totally with you on this! I find myself hiding under umbrellas and covering up while most of my friends are wearing tanning oil. Going to give that sunblock a try, and stick with my gut. Thanks!


you will thank yourself later! I am in my 60’s, dress cute, very fit BUT my legs and arms have brown spots all over from being a “beach bunny/surfer girl” as a teen and college and having a tan high on beauty prioity list until I started selling skin care in my mid-thirties. Now it is too late to get that nice smooth looking skin to go with my good muscle tone :(


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I’m not the biggest fan of summer, that’s for sure. The sun burn I got last month is still fresh on my shoulders and I pay for the mistake of not wearing sunscreen every day now that the weather here is 30+C on the daily! I’ve come to the conclusion that what I need is a parasol. I don’t care if I look like an Asian tourist, those little old ladies are on to something!


Take the advice! I am 61 and don’t look it. I been told I look 45 ONLY because even as a teenager/young adult I was not into laying out. I was true to myself even back then. I didn’t like sweating just to have a tan nor did I like being hot. And forget the beach being a Northern California girl, we’re not Southern California. I never understood why women slathered their skin with suntan lotion, just to have sand stick to it feeling like a mobile piece of sandpaper! Your skin will thank you when you get older. Be… Read more »


Love this read.. you have a wonderful way with words, how you keep informative information still fun to follow. All great tips for everyone to follow.

Love that this give specifics yet varies to suit personal needs. Finding a good balance with the sun is crucial in my opinion. It’s such an amazing mood booster and in certain doses great for your physical health. BUT, if you don’t go at it carefully it can easily have negative effects. Great read!


I vowed to take better care of my skin this past New Years and although it can sometimes be a hassle in the summer I feel refocused after reading this post. I have also been meaning to invest in one of those adorable floppy beach hats! I’ll be doing that this week for certain (:


Great article. Have a love hate relationship as well. I have fair skin and history of melonoma but nothing feels better than the rays of the sun. I wear big hats and light cotton long sleeve cover ups that seem to stop me from burning. I have also fallen in love with infrared saunas to get that same relaxing.

I recall what my mother told me when I was cute with little freckles, blonde hair and a rocking bod… You look good now (with my glowy, peachy suntan. (No fake it, spray back then) and now I have patched skin like a leotard that’s difficult to cover with make-up and darn costly to get rid of via, plastic. surgeon Not everyone has that money even though FP has awesome clothes and chicks w/spray, sunny looking tans to boot. Take care of you. It’s cheaper, less problematic and worth ever cent cute clothes. Health doesn’t come with a price tag.… Read more »

It’s cute
Worth ever cent
More than those cute clothes is what I meant to say
I love the sunshine
But I love myself just as much
Sunscreen and act wisely
You may look good now but cancer skin cancer is not a cut-it-out and move on issue as a coupon .
Peace and Bohemian dreams