Move For Health with How You Glow: Week 2

The second part in our three-part Movement series with health and beauty blog, How You Glow. 

This post comes from LA-based wellness duo, Jessie and Tara of How You Glow blog.

To GLOW is to radiate confidence, positive vibes, and strength from the inside out. These strengthening moves will generate flowing energy in the body, get your heart rate pumping and make that booty summah-ready. Grab a friend and head to the beach or somewhere beautiful and motivate each other to give it your all.

Summer Squats

These are key for lifting the butt and toning the legs. Done with a friend, this feels less like torture and more like a synchronized dance.


Stand tall with your feet rooting down, arms hanging by your sides.

Inhale as you each your arms overhead.


Keeping your heels heavily rooted, exhale as you bend your knees deeply and simultaneously lower your arms to reach straight out in front of you, squeeze your abdomen in as you lower.


Inhale and simultaneously straighten your legs and reach your arms back overhead.


Beach Burpees

This exercise is the best way to get your heart rate up in the shortest amount of time. This is a full body workout and particularly hits your core in all the right places. Doing this exercise with a partner will encourage you to keep the movement on a beat and go for a little longer than you might want to on your own.

Place your hands shoulder width apart on the sand (or ground).

Alternate jumping your right leg forward and then your left leg forward, simulating running in place.





Keep your abs tight and your shoulders over the wrists.

Tabletop Tap & Kick

This move is the booty’s secret weapon. It will bring out your inner dancer— blast some music and feel the burn in those hard to reach places.

Start in tabletop position with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.

Extend your right leg behind you and towards the right, point your toes to extend through the entire leg.


Bend your right extended leg and tap your right knee behind the left knee.



Slowly extend the leg again and point through the toes.

After 10 reps, switch sides and repeat.


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Photos by Jessica Foley.



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