Tarot With Juju

Currently, I’m all about trying new things, twirlin’ outside of my comfort zone, and keeping an open mind.

A couple steps from my house sits a little slice of vintage heaven, a shop called Juju. I met the owner, Leslie, at a vintage mixer and within seconds of talking to her fell in love with her contagious spirit. She has this light energy that makes you feel welcome, and I swear, good juju radiates towards her. She’s full of talents, and even keeps a few up her sleeve, (beyond pickin’ badass cowboy boots and technicolor kimonos, of course). Leslie reads tarot, keepin’ all things in life cool, and if you don’t know what Tarot is, here ya go:

It was a magical morning. You know, one of those days when the sun is glittering along the trees, creating dancing shadows along the sidewalk. The air is warm but just perfectly crisp, a lemonade stand popped up on the corner of the block, and my heart is full and happy. Leslie was floating outside her shop with the neighborhood cat pouncing around her vintage maxi, and of course, a big smile was on her face. Her Tarot sign was propped up outside the door, and I said hey, why not?

juju4 juju5

Leslie was thrilled that I was into giving tarot a shot and instantly grabbed her grandmother’s vintage purse, which she uses to carry her supplies for readings. She set up on her funky turquoise table that sat outside the shop, and pulled out some crystals, her grandfather’s crescent moon-printed handkerchief, and The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards. I sat there kind of freaking out at how cool this babe is, doin’ her thing and completely loving it.

“I picked up a Tarot Deck called the Witches Tarot when I was 12 years old. I was drawn to illustrations and symbolism and always kind of felt my spirit lead me towards witchcraft. Later in life, I found out more intimately that my great grandmother was a tarot reader and astrologer, so I guess you could kind of say, for me, it was a natural progression and it was meant to be”. – Leslie

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So now at this point, she has told me her story, and I’m feeling some serious energy. I feel excited, nervous, calm, loopy, all at the same time. I’m feelin’ all the feels, and she tells me to go ahead and shuffle the deck. Put my energy into it. As I was cutting the deck into three piles, I was told to really think about my year ahead. What I want out of it. I put the deck back into one pile, handed it back to Leslie, and here’s what I got.

My Reading
3, 6, 9, 12 (summer, fall, winter, spring)
A look into my year..

Summer: Father Of Wands, Two Of Wands, Nine Of Pentacles
This is great for my career, and a major Arcana card, so there is going to be a turning point in my life this summer. Starting with the wands card, which rules passion and creativity, this one had a cobra and his attributes sound a lot like my boyfriend’s. The next card pulled was the Two Of Wands, showing how we are both creative, passionate, and constantly bouncing ideas off each other. We feed off of each other for energy and inspiration, especially in our careers. He is a musician, so as two artists, I totally see that. Next, the Nine Of Pentacles was laid down, which is the “nest egg”. It shows we are saving up, pulling resources, and building something bigger.

Fall: Eight Of Pentacles, Eight Of Cups, Strength
The first card pulled was the Eight Of Pentacles, showing a spider in her web. She is the master of her craft, which means I will be mastering mine. This could mean in my career, but also that I may be picking up a new hobby, or truly enjoying something. It could still be growing for me, but it’s also feeling good about me, and I’m devoted to it. The Eight of Cups came up next, and it’s telling me along with the last card that if I went ahead and mastered my craft, maybe it’s time to let go of something and move on from it. The Strength Card was next, which could mean I’m letting go of something that is deep in my heart, that could’ve felt close to me, and that I need to focus on something deeper. Leslie told me during this time, I may need to really focus and meditate on these transitions.

Winter: The Empress, Four Of Cups, Five Of Swords
The Empress, also sometimes known as “The Mother Of Tarot”. She is very maternal, well respected, spiritually nourishing, and kind. She’s strong and grounded. The Four Of Cups brings up that some people may think I’m picky or selfish, but I’m just not settling, and keep striving for more. The Five Of Cups could be a time of self sabotage, and conflict of the mind, but by cutting that out, these three cards together has me balancing the needs of myself, with the needs of others.

Spring: Father Of Pentacles, Four Of Wands, Ten Of Cups
A card that came up many times for me throughout the day, the Father Of Pentacles has many very dynamic traits, but Leslie saw this as a time where I know what I stand for, and I’m coming into my own. The Four of Wands is the “eye”, it’s a celebration time. A time of accomplishment, a time of being renewed. Ten Of Cups was next, which is where I will take off and radiate light, with all eyes, and people, drawn to me. I’ll be received by the universe, doing great things.

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I finished my reading feeling energized, refreshed, and completely full of joy. I’m truly inspired by the language of tarot and how Leslie translated it to my life.

+Have you ever had your Tarot read? How did your cards make you feel? Let me know in the comments!

A big big thanks to Leslie, for gifting me this reading, and giving me such a beautiful experience. You are a true gem. Make sure to take follow her on Instagram!

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4 years ago

Her shop is beautiful!

4 years ago

Wow it’s fun to see how tarot translates into your life. Wish I had a shop like this around me. If I ever end up visiting in Pittsburgh I’ll have to check her out and get a reading for myself! Thanks for sharing..

I’ve recently gotten into tarot, myself. I find it helps me in making decisions. Her shop is very beautiful, what a great experience :)

4 years ago

This was such a joy to read, Madisyn! Beautiful writing. Leslie is a dear friend of mine and her shop is a place of passion, enlightenment and beauty. Your reading sounded powerful. In your words, Leslie, and this vintage wonderland, is a “true gem.”

4 years ago

Madisyn – the kindest, dearest heart is in you. This was such a special day; you, me and Drake (meow). Thank you warmly and deeply. Here’s to seeing you again very soon! Thanks to the powers that be at Free People – my humble heart is full.

4 years ago

Madisyn, the description you gave of Leslie is the exact same experience I’ve had with her. She’s a radiant person that gives off the best vibes. I felt like I knew her for years when we first met. I love that you featured someone so magical. <3

4 years ago

Oh my goodness, that shop is beautiful!!!

Kristen Dunbar
4 years ago

Be careful with opening doors to the supernatural. You don’t always get sweetness and light. Just saying. Research all sides and make up your own mind. Don’t just accept blindly.

4 years ago

Love this entry! Juju looks awesome!!
I have had my tarot read a few times… My last great reading was on a trip to NOLA. So many things that were in the cards came true that i am a believer. I just got my moon deck… Which is like a cross between tarot and an affirmation deck… I love it so far. Can’t wait to use them more! A post on my bohemian style blog talking about it soon: http://www.seaandink.com

Warmth and light, sabrina

4 years ago

That shop….incredibly beautiful.

4 years ago

I’ve been using tarot for years….the hanged man is the card that represents my life….change.