Taking Time In Tulum

“Everything was right. Everything was beautiful. Everything was just what I wanted without expecting it.”

This post comes to us from Alistair Casillas.


Past a small town lies a stretch of beach, an unexpected gem of land that makes you feel detached from reality. An off the grid oasis. Make a few right turns and you find yourself on a (slightly) paved road with turquoise waters on one side and lush jungle on the other. You feel yourself reconnecting with nature and disconnecting from technology without hesitation. You know the type of trip where you still check your email and some semblance of your normal daily life persists? This isn’t one of them. This was a total shut off, a search for true exploration, and a positive mind full of what was happening before my eyes. As we drove towards our first destination you could see how magical and beautiful this little piece of the earth was. A peaceful, quiet way about it with mostly the sound of the ocean or bicycle tires on the pavement.

Tulum_3 Tulum_4 Tulum_5 Tulum_6 Tulum_7

Everything was easy, nothing felt forced around me. It was easy to wake up to a day filled with no expectations. Just wandering, napping, swimming, sunning and eating amazing food. It was easy to find beauty in everything. From the bright flowers that would pop out of the dark green jungle to the coconut groves along the beach, casting shadows on the perfectly white sand.  I had zero agenda on this trip and was never left feeling as if I was missing out on anything. Walks along the beach lead to dreamy boutique hotels with perfect places for lounging. Walks along the road led to the perfect little taco shack. Walks in the jungle lead to a bright blue refreshing cenote.

Tulum_8 Tulum_9

Everything felt like a refresh. I swear, after a day of being there my skin was glowing and felt new. The air was filled with a tiny hint of salt and the amount of plants surrounding me at all times felt like oxygen overload. In the best way possible. The food was the freshest I’ve tasted. Each morning was coveted with a plate of fresh fruit and the air coming off the ocean lightly hitting my face.

Tulum_10 Tulum_11

Everything was a sensory experience. A restrained but chic stretch of beach that made my whole self feel a sense of calm. A welcoming feeling of mindfulness and positivity.

Tulum_12 Tulum_13

Everything was right. Everything was beautiful. Everything was just what I wanted without expecting it.

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6 years ago

This is soo goooooooood, A. <3

Patty Soto
6 years ago

I read about this place “Tulum” in a book “And Then You” by Amanda Richardson. It was beautifully described, but thank you for your pictures which have brought my imagination to a reality level.

6 years ago

Such a great post! I’ve always wanted to visit Tulum – I’ve heard it’s beautiful and these photos prove that!


Brittany Snyder
6 years ago

I am in Tulum as I read this and everything written accurately describes this paradise! The people here are so kind and sweet too. I leave to go back home to San Diego tomorrow morning and will miss them as much as I will miss walking barefoot to an organic and locally grown breakfast.