Weekend Do: Get Moving

We’re getting active this weekend…. are you?

It’s carefully slipping on your running shoes, tightening the laces, and stepping into your lane. It’s shaking out your legs, loosening each tight muscle and letting go of all previous stresses. It’s deeply exhaling the past week’s challenges. It’s crouching down on your mark, your fingers lining up next to the white chalk. It’s raising your head and focusing your gaze down the lane.

It’s Friday, friends, and we are sprinting into the weekend!

OK, so maybe this metaphor is a little much but, I have to admit, sometimes it feels like I can’t run into the weekend faster. With hectic days comes more opportunity for me to shrug off my workouts, and this was one of those weeks. But this weekend, I’m going to get back on track (see what I did there?). I’m going to move and I’m going to have fun doing it. Won’t you join me?


Plie Crop, Legend ShortsAbbey Road Glasses

Frisbee with a friend! How long has it been since you broke out the good ol’ frisbee? Head to the beach or park and get your glide on.

Take a beach, lake, or park run. Running inside on the treadmill is one thing. Running outside in fresh air, under the sun, and with the wind is a whole new level. Take your jog outside and try this running playlist!


Shape Shifter Wind Breaker, Shape Shifter Over ShortAbbey Road Glasses

Dance, dance, dance. Anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow.


Rhythm Body Suit

Get in the water. Whether you choose to surf, swim, body board, or waterski, enjoy a water-based activity!

Take the stairs. Stair workouts are a great way to break a sweat. Check out this article for a stair-workout routine by NYC-based trainer, Katherine Greiner.


Lost and Found HoodieShape Shifter Over Short, Pulse Graphic Trainer

Hike! The vitamin D, fresh air, and smell of nature – we all know the benefits of hiking.  So go explore!


Siren Halter Bra, Siren Legging

+How are you going to get moving this weekend? Share in the comments.

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Great post and beautiful photos. I’m wondering if you can list the locations on these pictures…