All Eyes on Future Eyes

Fall in love with this groovy LA crystal accessory company — Future Eyes. 

I met up with Future Eyes founder and owner, Brent Pearson, on an absurdly hot afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. I remember because I was sweating, having made a tragic mistake by wearing black skinny jeans and ankle boots. We met for a juice, thank God. He walked in wearing cool circular shades, a nondescript hat, and slip-on leather sandals that could have been from Mexico. He’s a rad cat, no doubt. But it wasn’t until after I started talking to him that I realized he wore many layers under his cool exterior.

I thought we would chat about his company, his goals and aspirations. “What inspires you, Brent?” “How would you describe Future Eyes?” “Did you ever think you would be running your own company?” Little did I know, I would be in for an otherworldly spiritual conversation. See, Future Eyes isn’t just about making locally-made, cool kaleidoscope-style party monocles. They aren’t just an accessory company selling glass crystal lenses with prismatic details. They want to expand personal awareness and stretch the mind’s eye. Future Eyes is a movement that seeks to remind us that we co-create the world around us with our thoughts. Future Eyes believes that with each thought and with our daily choices, we plant seeds for the world to come.


Future Eyes has hit the five-year mark! Congrats! Can you share how Future Eyes was born?

Future Eyes began in December 2011 as an idea based on a book project about seeing the future. The idea was to put crystals in glasses to stimulate the imagination and create a book using images taken through crystals attached to predictions of the future. Here’s an example:

“In the future our ideas will manifest so quickly that the entire world will be an exact replica of our fantasies.” — Brent Paul Pearson

When did you know you wanted/needed to share Future Eyes with the masses?

I started making art using the glasses right away and people responded so beautifully that it I immediately began manufacturing them for friends. It grew from there. We were the first people in the world to start making these glasses available and very quickly we noticed people copying the designs. That only meant that it was a great idea.

What do you want people to see when they look through the glass?

Each facet of the crystal represents a unique potential reality. I hope that when someone looks through the crystal they are inspired to create the reality that they wish to live inside of.



Besides wearing your favorite FE pieces, how else do you use Future Eyes?

The crystal is also a camera lens, the best way to use the crystal. I encourage everyone to put their phone or camera to the lens and take a picture or video,  then attach a wish for the future. We are collecting these for a book!

How does Future Eyes change your perspective?

By placing a crystal in front of your eye you ask more of your senses. It is a kind of ultra-sensory experience like turning the volume up on your eyes. In this way it is an exercise that increases your awareness level because it strengthens your ability to see.

What is next for Future Eyes? Any exciting plans?

We are currently working on a new project called “Future of Love.” With it we are gathering predictions from people on the subject of love and we have made a new heart-shaped monocle to be the symbol of this project.

Also, we recently launched an APP for iPhone and Android that possesses a series of crystal effects. We are hoping to build out this app so that it can be its own network.


Thank you Brent! Check out the Future Eyes website and follow them on Instagram. Shop the Kaleidoscope Necklace Monocle.

Photos by Tina Deleon. Follow Joanna on Instagram.


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