FP Me to You: Escape Within Your City

Craving a getaway? Find an escape within the streets of your own city…

This post comes from our FP Me contributor, Lauren Tengy.

Around this time of the year, I’m often struck with the itch of escape, an escape from New York, an escape to refresh body, mind and spirit.  Though a spontaneous getaway isn’t always feasible or practical, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for creative planning.  In recognition of the endless possibilities that surround us, here’s a list of the places in NY you should check out when in need of a quick dose of wanderlust.


Escape Outside

With more than 1,700 parks in New York City, it’s easy to get that alfresco fix we all so desperately crave, and my go-to is a wild one — Fort Tryon Park, located just north of Washington Heights. With its labyrinthine pathways, timeworn stone staircases, lush gardens and panoramic views of the Lower Hudson River (which rival those from the highest of the city’s skyscrapers), this park will make you feel as though you’ve been transported into a storybook forest.  If you want escape without leaving the city, Fort Tryon Park is not to be missed.

While you are there be sure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters to see unmatched wonders of medieval European art.

An Escape for Your Body

Surviving the hustle of New York City requires a lot of things, but most importantly — coffee.  Often, we’re too caught up in the coffee chain and street cart line to appreciate an authentic, ole’ cup of Joe.  When I need a few peaceful moments, Grounded Coffee House satiates.  Located in the thick of New York’s West Village, Grounded serves delectable java with a little extra atmosphere on the side.  Their humble storefront is like a greenhouse, overrun (in the best way) with live plants, and plush couches, too.  It’s the perfect place to unwind and actually, you know, taste your coffee.

An Escape for Your Mind

To unwind your mind, look no further than the annual series of free “Summergarden” concerts at the Museum of Modern Art.  Held every Sunday in the museum’s open-air sculpture garden, this concert series provides the ideal setting for your mind to wander to the sweet classical melodies that flutter onto West 54th street.


 An Escape for Your Soul

If you’re like me, there is nothing more restorative than a solid workout.  I’m always on the hunt for classes that nourish both body and soul, and Daya Yoga Studio located in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood does just that.  Daya Yoga Studio is unique in that it’s much more than a just a studio… a community where people focus on individual health and tune into the cycle of nature in the midst of chaotic city living.

For a soulful escape, take a lunar vinyasa class with instructor Lauren Belaidi, who has channeled her time spent practicing in exotic loctions to perfect this class for release, relaxation and tapping into your truest self.


+ I hope this list inspires all of you wanderlusters to discover the treasures in your own city!

Photos by Jackie Barr.

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