FP Escapes: What Yellowstone Gave Back to Me

Reminiscing on Mother Mountain, an FP Escapes retreat with yoga instructor Crystal Dawn Froberg & our partners at YOGASCAPES.

Mother Mountain. That it was. And we thank you, sweet, bold, majestic Montana for your healing medicine.


Women shedding tears and laughter, smiling, sitting in sacred circles, walking in beauty, learning to embrace the gorgeousness we are. Thank you for helping us to remember our own lusciousness. Thank you for the sweetness in your air that so quickly quieted our minds.

FP Escapes_Montana_4473

Your wild running rivers reminding us of our dreams rushing to come true, overflowing with amplified amounts of love, washing away any last doubts. The grandness of your landscape, a mirror of our own beating hearts; the depth, the light, the color that helped us remember. This is the very stuff we are made of.

FP Escapes_Montana_3626_6324FP Escapes_Montana_3626_6017

Cradled by Yellowstone Under Canvas, under your big sky, wolves howling in the night and new bird songs at sunrise. Bright mornings of yoga, meditation and movement. Days of bear and bison, eagle and elk.

FP Escapes_Montana_6596

We embraced the land, as it embraced us, and we held each other. We made space for the highest healing of every heart around the fire. Crystals on chakras, the full moon, we felt wrapped in love and in trust. We trusted we could be ourselves with wild abandon and still be loved. Creating sisterhood that can never be broken.

Thank you, Mother Mountain.

FP Escapes_Montana_5334-22

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Words by Crystal Dawn Froberg
Photos by Jillian Guyette

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5 years ago
5 years ago

!!!!!!!!!!!! So incredible.

4 years ago

I am interested in Montana or others. Please send me information. I’m at a moment in my life I’m searching for meaning, kindness and kindred souls with positive attitudes and understanding there are others that due to life’s gifts of challenges, they realize their journey in phisical life could be momentary. To sit is to waste and become stagnant. Simple truth TBI and continued tests of challenge to find my meaning as simple as it may be to help others who search for the same.