Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 4–10

See how the stars are aligning this week…

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June 21–July 22

This week’s new moon in your sign joins forces with several other planets, giving your annual reinvention a major boost. In crafting your resolutions for the coming year, see if you can incorporate confident self-expression, an open mind, spiritual seeking, blissful travel, greater creativity or romanticism in your personal style, pleasurable connections with a broader range of people and an upbeat, friendly approach. Focus on self-improvement, reminding yourself that you are the person you have the power to change. Mercury in Cancer is clicking with multiple planets but clashing with Pluto, so you’ll be able to convey your message, think through personal matters, articulate your feelings and humor and inject a lot of your personality into everything you say  — but you could still get into a power struggle if you can’t resist the temptation. The Cancer sun is also facing off against Pluto, intensifying your encounters and increasing the chances of a conflict. A shift in a relationship or effecting change via a partnership is possible, but don’t try to make things happen by pitting yourself against someone. Venus’s spat with Uranus in your ambition angle could make you impatient to achieve what you desire, or an authority figure might react unexpectedly to their perceived image of you. And your inclination to socialize can give you an urge to shirk responsibilities. Venus’s collaboration with Mars is justification for playing instead of working; it has fun, love, affection, flirting, pleasure and sex written all over it, so come out of your crab shell and enjoy life to the fullest.





July 23–August 22

With a new moon arriving in the last house of your chart this week, do some soul-searching in a quest to gain peace of mind; retreat and rest; nurture your imagination and inner life; begin a new spiritual practice; and reflect on the past and heal. Your current inclination to take a step back and enjoy a more low-key existence is at odds with a need to take care of pressing matters, so you’ll probably end up juggling. But do be sure to honor the needs of your spirit. When you look back over the last year, let go of any pain, loss, mistakes and regrets, and summon your fiery resilience. You may want to journal or confide in someone you trust in order to sort out your feelings. Dreams can be especially revealing now, and writing them down might be helpful. You may be fatigued or burnt out, so try to spend more time alone unwinding and catching up on your sleep. Your health and productivity are apt to suffer if you don’t. And taking note of what’s going on inside you can help you to avoid conflict, since subconscious turbulence will affect daily interactions. Venus and Mercury in your release sector are jibing with Mars in your foundation angle, hinting at private intimacy, doing creative work at home, acting selflessly out of love for someone — possibly a family member — and getting to the bottom of an old pattern. A Venus-Uranus fight alludes to tension between your desire to let go and drift and your itch for adventure.




August 23–September 22

When the new moon shows up in your humanity house this week, that’s your cue to review your personal connections and your various ties to groups, make a new friend or professional contact, join a group, nurture a new dream, launch a philanthropic effort and socialize. Jupiter in your sign is linked with this lunation, underscoring the fact that fostering a team of people who share your interests or goals and have your back will promote your personal growth. With Mercury in that house collaborating with Neptune in your one-on-one angle, it’s possible that you can help someone just by talking to them, and networking can allow you to meet a person who will be of assistance to you. Group conversations should also flow quite well now. But since your ruling planet, Mercury, is opposing Pluto, you might get into a power play involving creativity, children or your love life. Mercury and Venus are both gelling with Mars in your thinking-and-talking zone, making it easier for you to assert your ideas and views, solicit feedback and brainstorm. For the most part, you should feel pretty in sync with people. But Venus’s feud with Uranus in your give-and-take sector represents an exception  —hopefully a brief one — where sex, money, sharing, trust or independence could pose a problem. Friendship and sex may not mix very well at the moment. Focus on mutually beneficial connections, learning what you can from people and giving them space to be themselves.




September 23–October 22

A new moon shows up at the top of your chart this week, nudging you to set a new goal, start a fresh chapter in your career, publicize what you have to offer the world, seek a raise or promotion and prove yourself on a bigger stage. Since the moon is connecting with Jupiter and Neptune, you’re encouraged to continue to learn, find a mentor, make yourself useful and serve others. Mercury is also linked with Jupiter and Neptune, facilitating career planning and communication with authority figures. You should have a fairly easy time grasping what you need to know and articulating your objectives. However, Mercury and the sun are both opposing Pluto, so simmering anger or aggression, family or domestic turbulence, compulsive behavior or a shift going on inside you that’s forcing you to distance yourself from the past can all impact your ability to shine and express yourself well. Avoid power struggles with higher-ups and parents now. Fortunately, your ruling planet, Venus, and Mercury are vibing with Mars in your worth house, making it possible for you to marshal your resources and your charm to achieve progress. Paying attention to your public image and using your talents and other assets well will ensure some success. But Venus’s spat with Uranus in your one-on-one angle hints that partnership might be an unreliable means to success, and relationship difficulties could interfere with self-promotion—or perhaps you need to change your strategy with someone in order to save face.




October 23–November 21

With a new moon arriving in your exploration sector this week, it could be time for you to break out of a rut. A trip, a new course of study, unfamiliar experiences, a wide range of people and exposure to different ideas and beliefs will stimulate you and allow you to broaden your horizons. The moon is clicking with Jupiter in your network zone, emphasizing the need to connect with others who may not share your background but share your interests, goals or dreams. Since the moon is also in sync with Neptune in your love-and-happiness house, an adventure or leap of faith is apt to bring romantic or creative fulfillment and help you to enjoy life. You’re inspired to aim high and take a risk, and you’re inclined to express your ideals and emotions. Mercury and the sun are both opposing Pluto in your thinking-and-talking corner, though, increasing the likelihood of a disagreement or mental tension; you may be able to defuse conflict—internal and external—by letting go of a compulsion for control. Fortunately, both Venus and Mercury are meshing with Mars in Scorpio, enabling you to take action based on your enthusiasm, optimism and desire to branch out. This is a good time for building momentum and pushing past boundaries. You’ll have the courage and curiosity to try new things and may be drawn to someone unexpected. A Venus-Uranus spat implies that your restlessness can push you to overthrow the status quo without hesitation—and that may not be such a bad thing.




November 22–December 21

This week’s new moon in your depth sector hints at fresh outside resources, psychological transformation, a new chapter in an intimate relationship, recovery from a loss or crisis and the need to delve into a mystery or research project. The moon is syncing up with your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your ambition angle and Neptune in your foundation zone, so initiating some sort of give-and-take is likely to foster progress and peace. But it’s out of sync with Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in your worth house, so you may need to quash a compulsion for control and be flexible. Introspection and confiding in someone you trust are favored by Mercury’s collaboration with Neptune, so get in touch with your emotions and consider expressing them. Both Mercury and the sun are at odds with Pluto, though, meaning unstable self-esteem or turbulent finances could preoccupy you and block closeness or healing. Your investment in another individual is very important this week, and honoring a partnership or significant friendship will be worth it. Even focusing intently and passionately on a particular endeavor can pay off now. Venus is gelling with Mars in your seclusion corner, further encouraging private intimacy and active self-reflection. You’ll probably have a strong desire to be alone or to spend time with someone you feel close to. Sexual experiences are apt to be especially intense under this influence. But Venus’s clash with Uranus hints that independence, unpredictability and infatuation can disrupt a relationship, so expect the unexpected.




December 22–January 19

The new moon in your one-on-one angle this week alludes to a new relationship in the pipeline, taking a current one to the next level, redefining a bond or entering into negotiations. Because the moon is linked with Jupiter and Neptune, meeting people who can teach you something and influence your thinking is especially favored. Make an effort to connect with other individuals, and regard those who are different from you as your equals. The moon’s opposition to Pluto in Capricorn could tempt you into a power play, and later in the week, Mercury and the sun face off against Pluto as well. So you’ll need to keep resisting a compulsion to jockey for position or to control people and situations. The only person you should strive to control is yourself. With Mercury and Neptune partnering up, you’ll be able to call on your empathy and choose your words well to maintain a healthy rapport with people. Mercury is also joining forces with Jupiter, so you’re apt to learn from those around you, and should keep the lines of communication open. And Venus and Mercury are both harmonizing with Mars in your network house, further coaxing you to compromise and collaborate. Both partnership and teamwork have plenty of potential now. Venus’s clash with Uranus at the bottom of your chart implies that your mood, family, home life or underlying urge for independence or change could disrupt a relationship or affect your ability to get along with people if you let it.




January 20–February 18

With the new moon’s arrival in your efficiency corner, you’re invited to initiate a good habit; launch a job search; polish your skills; start a new diet or fitness regimen; try a different approach to a problem; improve your work ethic, time management or schedule; organize your workspace; take on a new responsibility; and tackle your to-do list. The moon is syncing with Jupiter in your sharing sector, hinting that support from partnership or outside resources will aid your efforts, as will self-awareness and self-forgiveness. Neptune is also in cahoots with the moon, meaning spiritual values, fluid resources, creative talent and not focusing too much on financial gain will also help. The moon, the sun and Mercury take turns facing off against Pluto in the last house of your chart, pitting your productivity against regressive behavior, self-sabotage, subliminal turbulence and unpleasant emotions. You’ll need to pay close attention to what’s going on inside you to avoid undermining yourself. Putting the past behind you and intuiting what’s going on beneath the surface with people who may not have your back will work in your favor as well. Mercury’s collaboration with Mars helps you to combine critical, detailed thinking and ambitious, strategic action in a recipe for success. And a Venus-Mars connection allows you to enjoy what you’re doing, serve a useful purpose and also get ahead. But Venus’s fight with Uranus implies that anxiety, distraction and indecisiveness can interfere with everyday pleasure; building some breaks into your routine could be the answer.




February 19–March 20

This week’s new moon nudges you to enjoy life to the fullest. Starting a creative project or a romance, discovering a new hobby, carving out more time for leisurely activities and expressing your personality and feelings are all favored by this lunation. The moon’s link with bounteous Jupiter in your one-on-one angle suggests that your faith in love is well placed. And a connection with Neptune in Pisces further emphasizes the need for you to continue to pursue your dreams, be your whole, authentic self and fulfill your higher purpose. Mercury is also clicking with Neptune, inspiring you to share your creativity and your passion and to convey what’s in your heart. The moon, the sun and Mercury are all opposing Pluto in your network zone, though, so personal pleasure could be at odds with group interests, and you might get into a conflict with friends or an organization. Don’t take it personally if you don’t receive the feedback or support that you’d like. Be true to yourself, and try to balance doing your own thing with consideration for a friend in crisis or concern for others’ welfare. Venus and Mercury are joining forces with Mars, prompting you to go on a romantic trip, enjoy an adventure, take more risks with your heart and your creativity and find the courage to pursue the love and happiness you deserve. Venus’s spat with Uranus hints that erratic confidence and funds could get in the way, but flexibility and insight into your true values will serve you well.




March 21–April 19

A new moon coaxes you to focus on family, home and security this week. You might want to change your living situation; share your innermost feelings; delve into memories; spruce up your décor; unleash your inner domestic goddess; play hostess; indulge in creature comforts; spend time in the privacy of your home—either by yourself or with someone you care about; and attend to your mood. Mercury is gelling with Neptune in the last house of your chart, helping you to reflect on the past in search of meaning, tune into your emotions, pick up on subtleties and commune with your soul. Both Mercury and the sun are facing off with Pluto in your ambition angle, though, so while you’re paying attention to your inner life, you may feel pressure to solve the problem of your outer one. Avoid getting into a power struggle with an authority figure or getting in the middle if your parents have a disagreement. Venus and Mercury are clicking with your ruler, Mars, in your depth sector, favoring psychological probing and physical or emotional intimacy. This is a great time to try to get to the bottom of a relationship issue or to confront a difficulty in your psyche, as transformation is within reach. Venus’s feud with Uranus in Aries could tempt you to rebel against family or fight your desire to stay home — or you could grow impatient with peace and quiet and get an urge to rock the boat. Give yourself an out from a family event if you need it.




April 20–May 20

After a new moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, you could receive fresh information; look at something in a different light; make a decision; share your ideas; express yourself with greater creativity and confidence; begin learning about a new topic; take a short trip; get busy brainstorming and getting in touch with people; and feel more tuned into your environment. If you meet someone new, chances are fairly good that you’ll experience a feeling of spiritual or romantic connection. Thanks to a link between Mercury and Neptune in your humanity house, you’ll also have an easy time making professional contacts, addressing a group, connecting with friends and coming up with a plan to benefit others. And a Mercury-Jupiter confab encourages you to convey your feelings, your personality and your creativity freely. But Mercury’s opposition to Pluto in your outlook zone alludes to a strong difference of opinion, and you’d do well to avoid escalating it. Looking into the deeper meaning behind something would be an appropriate use of this faceoff. Mercury and Venus are both clicking with Mars in your one-on-one angle now, so you should be able to communicate and collaborate with a partner and maintain a nice rapport with other individuals. Showing someone that you can walk your talk will stand you in good stead. Venus’s battle with Uranus in your subliminal sector means you’ll have to guard against a unconscious urge to upset the apple cart, as it’s likely to disrupt your interactions and could make you seem impatient, rash or disagreeable at moments.




May 21–June 20

With the arrival of a new moon in your worth house this week, you might consider creating a budget, developing a new source of income, indulging your senses, buying something you need or improving your self-esteem. The moon is harmonizing with several other planets, putting extra emphasis on what you own, what you require and what you have going for you. Since Jupiter and Neptune are in the mix, your underlying confidence, family support, flexible goals and quest for a career that serves a higher purpose in the world will all enhance your ability to boost your earnings. Mercury is also vibing with Jupiter and Neptune, enabling you to review your resources and to combine sound judgment and an intuitive sense of where you’re headed. Purchasing something that will increase your comfort at home wouldn’t be a bad idea now. Venus and Mercury are both meshing with Mars in your efficiency corner, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your priorities straight, tapping into your talents and being productive. Self-sufficiency and hard work are apt to be rewarded. Venus’s quarrel with Uranus in your network sector suggests that you may or may not get what you want from friends or a group, and possessiveness or greediness could be a problem. With a few planets opposing Pluto, sharing will be rather complicated, and you may need to compromise for the sake of partnership. Try not to overidentify with your money, possessions or needs, and understand that you can’t control what someone else has to offer you.

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