Let’s Be Decisive

Too many options puts me in a pickle. It shouldn’t.

Decision. You’re running late. Coffee or tea?

Are these shorts too short? Maybe boyfriend jeans would be better.

Will I be walking a lot today? Eh, minds saying yes, so Converse. But wait, those clogs are cute.

Hat or no hat.

Shoot. Traffic is backed up. Should I go left or right?

I need to grab a quick birthday present before I see my friend. Succulent or flowers? Or gift certificate? No… gift certificates aren’t personal enough. Or are they? Should I call and give her a heads-up I’m gonna be late? No.

Do I want Thai for dinner or Mexican? I’ll make it on time. Will I? Focus, breathe… you are what I like to call an indecisive mess. Thai sounds good.

This was me the other day, a sh*t showt. Due time to hop off the indecisive train and start making concrete decisions. If you are steppin’ at the same beat as me, join along, let’s start being more decisive.

Recently I spent the entire morning jotting down things that have been causing unnecessary stress in my life.

My bangs need to be trimmed before I get hit by a car, my granny-panty underwear line seems to always be showing, maybe I should just move that cactus off the floor before it stabs me one more time.

After those silly things, I decided most of my everyday anxiety stems from being indecisive. Lack of confidence obviously plays a key role when making simple decisions, but also… perhaps it’s just that I posses the spirit animal of a Golden Retriever puppy who can’t stop chasing it’s goshdarn tail. SO. How do we solve this?

Clean Slate Felt Hat, Carmel Straw Hat

Don’t Overthink. Some decisions simply aren’t that difficult. Just freakin’ do it. Follow your initial instinct, and see how it plays out.

Plan. If you are an overthinker, and you need to make a plan for each day, go for it. On busy days, pick out your outfit, breakfast, lunch, and transportation routes the night before. You will have smoother sailing from there.

Do What’s Most Important. If your mind is racing, filter to what is most pressing. You can’t do everything. Pick one or two things that are most important, accomplish them, be happy and move on. You can always come back to things.

Stop Regretting. Sometimes stupid decisions are made. It’s ok. You live and learn. You’ll make a better choice next time.

Follow Your Heart. You can make as many pros/cons lists for big decisions as you like. But deep down in your heart, you know what the answer is. Follow it.

Levi’s 501 CT Jean, Logan High Rise Cut Off

+ What advice do you have for the indecisive? How do we sort through decision-making? Let me know in the comments!

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6 years ago

Please stop posting photos of those disgustingly dirty birkenstocks.

6 years ago

Yes this is so good! I spend ages over decisions that don’t matter, thanks for the reminder! <3

Emma xo // http://www.thewallflowerwardrobe.co.uk/

6 years ago

I love the Birkenstocks. If you’ve ever had a pair, you know that they are LIVED in. The toe prints show a shoe that has been well worn, well traveled, and are actually a staple in the closet instead of pushed aside.

As far as indecisiveness goes, I’m the queen! I’ve had one moments of it’s weakness and will focus on working through it. Thanks for the reminder<3

6 years ago

This is just what I needed!

6 years ago

Cute post! Also re: Coraline’s comment- these Birkenstocks aren’t dirty; this is what they look like when you have spent many, many days wearing them because, according to the Birkenstock website, “The cork/latex blend [of the footbed] is pliable and reacts to natural body warmth. Over time, the footbed yields to the characteristics of an individual foot.” This is how mine look, and I assure you they are not dirty!

6 years ago

This is very relevant to me and my life right now. Glad I came across it when I did, had to remind myself to not overthink things. Thanks!

6 years ago

Hahaha brilliant!!

xx Jenelle


6 years ago

This post came at a perfect time for me. Thank you!!