Notes from the Chair: 3 Things Always in My Bag

  The must-haves that you can always find in stylist Deanna Hagan’s bag…

This is the second in a weekly series of lighthearted Q&A’s with some of our most talented friends… 

With a seemingly unlimited assortment of beauty products in the world, the process of choosing a few key go-to’s can be daunting, at best. But fear not…our dear friend and go-to makeup stylist Deanna shares the 3 things you can always find in her bag.


1. Moisturizer/hydrator.

Rosehip oil = instant glow. You’ll never look like you had a bad night’s sleep again.


2. Lip2Cheek!

An effortless way to add life to your face, Lip2Cheek is a classic lip and classic cheek, all rolled up in one product.


3. Eyelash curler.

An immediate eye-opener… Get those lashes up, UP, UP!!!

+ What are the 3 things always in YOUR bag?

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Interesting about rose hip

& thing for lips & ckeeks cool