Office Style: Denim

This week is all about denim! Get style inspiration from the lovely ladies at the home office. 

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!

Upon arriving at Free People from Los Angeles five months ago, it was refreshingly apparent to me that these girls had fun getting ready in the morning. Their outfits were more than compliment-worthy, they were post-worthy. And so, we felt it due time to resurrect one of our favorite Bldg 25 posts: Office Style!

The East Coast’s seasons bring the perfect opportunity to regularly reinvent one’s wardrobe (something I haven’t experienced much, coming from a place where it’s always 75 and sunny.) In the winter, fluffy multi-colored jackets and ankle-skimming coats hung on the back of office chairs; spring transitioned to army jackets and 90’s chokers; now that the summer is here, welcome an influx of denim all different washes, styles and lengths.

Pull out your favorite Levis or Calvin’s and see how our girls style their denim below!

_MG_9754 copy

Clare TeeBliss Made Denim SkirtSweet Jane Platform Clog

_MG_9880 copy

Vegan Brooke Slip On ClogLevi’s 501 CT JeanWe The Free Cowboy Talk Tee

_MG_9893 copy

_MG_9783 copy

We The Free Kelly TeeLevi’s Kick FlareWhirlpool Slip-On Sandal

_MG_9803 copy

_MG_9794 copy

_MG_9822 copy

Straight Shooter Denim ButtondownLogan High Rise Cut OffTraveling Roads Sandal

_MG_9828 copy

_MG_9861 copy

Scallop Edge CamiPull On Kick Flare


_MG_9911 copy

Take Me To The Sea TopInsider Step Fray Crop JeansHarpoon Wrap Sandal


+ Which look are you loving? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 years ago

Ahhhh! This is so cool & inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

4 years ago

What a lovely post! We definitely need some inspo to keep it simple during the summer.

Looove the denim on denim look – cut-offs paired with the denim button-down and the second look with the clogs.

4 years ago

this is my first visit thanks for the sharing with us

4 years ago

Love, love, love denim! But ladies (and gents) at Free People, you really need to start making your skinnies with the long inseam option, because none of us ladies with mile-long legs can fit into your 28 inch inseam, give or take a couple of inches, without looking like we’re wearing floods or cropped pants. You sell the Denim Super Flare in short, regular, and long inseams, so why not sell pairs like the basic Beverely High Rise Skinny, which is becoming super popular on your site, in all three inseam length choices. It’ll become an even better seller, because so many of the girls who shop at Free People are tall and want to show off our model-like figure from waist down in not just flares but skinnies, too!

4 years ago

Really enjoyed reading that, you made some really good points.
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