What to Pack for a Lively Vacation

Don’t forget to pack your FP Movement gear…

Packing has never been my strong suit. I am generally a pretty confident person but, when it comes to filling a suitcase, I am hopelessly confused, annoyingly unaware and fantastically anti-strategic.  I can recall one vacation when I packed nearly all bikinis and sarongs and completely neglected the essentials like, oh say, underwear and socks. Or that time I was meeting my girlfriend for an after-work dinner so I packed a post-work bag…which consisted of all hats. All hats, guys. I was so embarrassed upon reopening my poorly packed satchel that I just slowly zipped it shut. I sat through dinner donning the same (dirty) work clothes I had been wearing since 6am. No hats were worn that night.

So imagine the issues (and stress) I run into when I’m packing not only for a weekend getaway, but an active one. Yep, it’s kind of a disaster. So, for anyone who needs a little guidance (like me), we created two outfits for some serious packing inspiration.


For many of us, we like to get our workout in — and done — as early as possible so as to bask in a fuller day of leisure. Pack running gear like the Shape Shifter Wind Breaker Shorts and Jacket, for a warmer extra layer on those early morning runs. And don’t forget your sports bra, like the Flashdance Crop, socks and New Balance running shoes. You’re all set!



Vacation yoga adds an extra-special element to both your practice and your downtime. After a long day of traveling, your body just might be craving a much-needed stretch. Pack your favorite leggings (like the Lotus Legging) and Movement Tank. Don’t forget your FP Yoga Mat and a loose, uber-soft long sleeve tee.

+Shop all FP Movement here for your next trip!

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