The Power Mix: The Playlist For Your Intense Workouts

Turn this playlist on for your next intense workout. All the way UP.

This is for the babes who like their music loud, workouts tough, and intensity level high. It’s for the gals who push their bodies to the max to fill their hearts’ desire to go hard. It’s for the ladies who sprint the last 3o yards… and for the girls who do an extra ten minutes. It’s for the women who sweat. It’s for all the power babes out there.

Exercise comes in all shapes and sizes, but this mix is for your intense workouts. So increase the speed and turn it up — it’s the Power Mix.


Photos by Willie Kessel and modeled by Rachel Moore.

+What do you want to add to the playlist? Let me know in the comments and I will add it!

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7 years ago

i will try this weekend :)