Be You, Tea Full: Why You Should Drink More Tea

I love tea. Well, “love” is an understatement — I’m positively enamored. Here’s why…

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie.

I’ve had only one cup of coffee my entire life, maybe because tea fulfills all my needs. An iced green tea wakes me up on my morning drive to work, and a steaming mug of chamomile lulls me into a deep slumber each night. 

Tea is incredibly good for you, and possesses many more health benefits than just tasting good. Whether you need a little assistance on your summer bod or are looking to reduce stress, there’s a specific blend to meet your needs. 

Learn how the following 5 teas can benefit you and some specific types I recommend!  It should be noted that tea isn’t going to create any drastic effects but, in working toward wellness, every little bit helps.

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Drink: Green Tea
Because: It helps to boost your metabolism, aids in weight loss, improves brain function and is very high in catechins. Catechins are antioxidants which help to prevent cancer, heart disease and overall cell damage. Its caffeine content also can help to give you a much needed jolt of energy in the morning.
I recommend: Green sencha, Moroccan mint, and matcha tea. While there are many types of green teas and fusions to choose from, my personal favorites are these three. Sencha is by the far the best iced, Moroccan is refreshing and can also help soothe an upset stomach, and matcha is great with almond milk as a latte.   

Drink: Mint Tea
Because: It helps to reduce stress, cures bad breath, aids in digestion and can help boost the immune system.
I recommend: Peppermint. It is the one of the most common mint teas and my personal favorite. It is best when imbibed hot. I tend to reach for peppermint tea after a meal as it helps to soothe my stomach and digest the food with more ease.

Drink: Rooibos Tea
Because: It is anti-inflammatory, aiding in preventing heart related illnesses, good for promoting healthy bones and teeth, and can give a boost to the digestive tract. Rooibos is a lesser known tea, but reaps some of the most benefits due to its rich content of minerals, including calcium, iron and magnesium.
I recommend: Vanilla rooibos tea . This is one of my all-time favorite drinks. It is best hot and naturally embodies a hint of sweetness. 

Drink: Chamomile Tea
Because: It promotes sleep, soothes stomach aches, and can help in calming muscle spasms. Chamomile tea has even been proven to promote healthy skin.
I recommend: Hot chamomile tea. Best sipped right before bed. Feel your eyelids fall heavy after a delightful cup, and slip into a restful slumber. 

Drink: Black Tea
Because: It can help lower cholesterol and boasts a considerable amount of caffeine if you are looking for an alternative to coffee. It comes from the same plant as green tea, so it has similar levels of antioxidants that help to prevent cancer.
I recommend: Earl Grey. This is a common black tea, and for a good reason. It possesses a slightly bitter flavor, which I personally enjoy, but also tastes amazing with a splash of milk and teaspoon of honey stirred in.  


+What is your favorite type of tea? Share below! 

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Oh so yummy!


My favorite is Egyptian Licorice and Mint (by Yogi) – the taste just can’t be beat!


This is an excellent list of teas, any tea lover should have in their stash.

White tea is also high in antioxidants, and is equally enjoyable hot or iced. It’s a delicate tea without any of the sharper, almost acidic flavor of the later-harvested green and black teas.

Not being a fan of bergamot, the distinctive flavor in Earl Grey tea, I tend to prefer Irish Breakfast and Darjeeling. (enjoying a cup of Irish Breakfast right now, actually.) Both are rich, flavorful teas, perfect served hot with a splash of milk and a teaspoon of honey.

I love both tea and coffee a lot! Thanks for sharing this list of teas!

This is an excellent list of teas,good for tea lovers.

I always drink black tea as it good for our health. I know there are other tea also that is good, but I love black tea most among them.

This post helped me to understand the health benefits of each tea. I was knowing only that all these teas are good for our health, how exactly they are benefited was not known. Thanks for sharing it. I like mint tea most than other teas.


Ginger tea is my favorite! Tastes great and helps with digestion and stomach pain/cramps.


In organic Ginger tea, build on this therapeutic tradition by adding a unique blend of herbs and spices to complement Ginger’s piquant flavor.

Favourite type of tea is a hard thing to answer! Lol. I’m a huge fan of oolongs at the moment though. Tightly rolled oolongs are both delicious and beautiful to watch steep as they unfurl and release their aroma and delightful flavours. :)

The teas are very good to health and is also very tasty, I love it

Ginger tea is my all time favorite! Tastes great and helps with digestion and stomach pain/cramps.

I love my Certified Wellness Teas by L’dara. They are spot on with your post. Thanks for sharing!

thank to admin your articl very help full me

I really learned a lot about tea. I’ve been a coffee drinker but have quit that habit. Been drinking Earl Gray and Ginger. Love to experiment!

I cannot agree more with the benefits of green tea mentioned here, thanks for all the information.

click here

Thanks for this great post

Cindy Cindy

I like it!

These are all such great reasons to drink more tea! Thanks for sharing