Why You Need: Leaders’ 7 Wonders Mask

Why you need: for those who need to know a little more about why we love and believe in these products!

This post comes to us from our beauty contributor, Allie White. 

Long a staple of Asian skincare routines, sheet masks have blown up in popularity stateside in the last few years. And despite the temporary ghost-like visage you’ll sport while using one, they’re a beauty trend that’s here to stay. Whether your skin is parched, lackluster or angry, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a sheet mask soul mate. If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, the options are endless.

Leading the sheet mask crusade is, appropriately, Leaders Clinic, a South Korean company founded over a decade ago by a group of dermatologists. Recognizing a need for high-quality, high-impact skin treatments that anyone (not just patients) could reap the benefits of, Leaders Clinic has been developing seriously awesome products ever since.

The latest addition to their already-stellar selection of sheet masks is the 7 Wonders line, an aptly-named collection that — you guessed it — literally does wonders for the skin. Sure, the ancient world may have had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Great Pyramid at Giza, but we’ve got wonders of our own, conveniently packaged into single-use masks that are full of natural plant and fruit extracts from around the world.

Let’s explore, shall we?

Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask
Used medicinally and topically for centuries, olive oil has officially earned its rightful place in the pantheon of all-natural beauty staples. And thanks to a serious infusion of antioxidant-rich olive oil from the Mediterranean, this Brightening Mask plumps and perks so well, it’ll look like you’ve been following the famed Mediterranean diet for years. Rich in healthy fats and vitamin E, olive oil also helps fight free radical and environmental damage, all while hydrating and smoothing skin. You’ll look as dewy as Aphrodite, as bright as Helios pulling the morning sun into the sky.

Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask
Imagine for a minute that you’ve just summited Mt. Everest. You’re overcome by the accomplishment, the sheer joy at surmounting one of the tallest, most treacherous peaks in the world. Now think about what your skin feels like after days of climbing face-first into freezing wind. Not so great, right? Let’s hope you managed to leave a bit of space in your pack for some skincare, specifically the Himalayan Camellia mask, which will soothe and smooth angry, rough skin with the “miracle oil” of East Asia: camellia flower oil. This feather-light, vitamin-rich, antioxidant powerhouse is routinely used to make green tea — the health beverage to end all health beverages — so you know it’s legit. Bonus points for also reducing fine lines, scars and the appearance of pores.

Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask
You probably know that watermelon works wonders on your skin when consumed, but were you aware that its cousin, the Kalahari melon, is just as good for your complexion when applied topically? That’s right: this desert melon that manages to flourish in dry, arid conditions is your dry, arid skin’s best friend. Linoleic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids deposit and lock in moisture, smoothing and deeply nourishing thirsty, rough skin. Let the Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask be the oasis that quenches your face’s thirst when it feels like a desert.

Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask
If you want your face to smell faintly of tropical berries, feel as lush as a rainforest during monsoon season and fight the nasty effects of pollution, this is the mask for you. Harnessing the power of the Brazilian acai berry, the Anti-Pollution Mask purifies and detoxes skin without leaving your face high and dry like many other purifying formulas (looking at you, clay!). In fact, the presence of vitamins C, B and E actually help to protect, fortify and hydrate while your skin is kicking pollution’s butt. Think of your face like a gorgeous, green Amazonian tree: absorbing all the lush goodness of the mask and expelling all the nasties.

Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask
If you’ve ever taken a Caribbean vacation, you know just how relaxing those slow, languid, stress-free days are. Now apply all those same properties to a skincare product, and you’ve got the Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask. Useful for pretty much any skin ailment—but especially helpful with redness, irritation and inflammation—the nutrient-rich Caribbean coconut leaves skin smooth, refreshed and downright serene. If your skin had a personality after using this mask, it’d be breezy. It’s a beach hammock overlooking the ocean at sunset, but for your face.


+ Which mask will you be using? Let us know in the comments! 

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6 years ago

Sorry but these are the worst sheet masks ever. I use a sheet mask almost everyday and these are by far the worst. They don’t form to your face or even stay on. They are horrible. Would not recommend to anyone.

5 years ago

I love their masks!

4 years ago

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