The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

The hunt for the perfect pair of denim is over…

I read something… somewhere… sometime… that said women try on an average of 15 pairs of jeans before actually purchasing one. Fifteen! Ugh, I’m tired just thinking about it… the squeamishly small and dimly lit fitting rooms, the hard-to-read size charts, shoving one leg in, pulling another out… Even if I so happened to misquote the something that I read somewhere sometime, I think we can all agree that jean shopping is a difficult task. But, man, when you find the pair(s) that fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a million bucks… oooof, that’s something akin to heaven.

To make denim shopping a little easier (and to celebrate the launch of new FP denim), we asked one of our talented Free People denim designers to share her knowledge and give us some insider information. Here is what Chlo had to say, and look further at our fit guide below!

“High waisted jeans are perfect for nearly everyone. A higher rise gives the illusion of longer, leaner legs! If you have a boyish figure, tuck your shirt in and you have instant curves. If you are trying to hide any flaws in your mid-section, the higher waist helps cover and diminish muffin-top.”

Flares give you legs for days and help balance out curvier bodies. Always look for a flare that is fitted through the thigh and breaks either right above or at the knee.”

“I am really short and the crop/ankle trend is a godsend. Crop ankle length are usually perfectly tailored to fit me at a normal length…so no more hemming!”

“Higher back pockets give the look of a lifted backside.”

“If you want to make your butt look smaller, opt for large simple back pockets. That will do the trick!”

“Leggings/jeggings and any of our super stretch jeans like the Cyndi, Roller and Destroyed Ankle Skinny Jean will be most flattering on any body type. The super stretch fabric will mold to any body type.”

“Straight leg silhouettes help balance out fuller frames moving the eye downwards and away from the fullest part of the thigh…giving the appearance of skinny jeans that fit really well.”


Thanks Chlo — we’ll catch up with you soon!

+Now you can take everything you’ve learned and shop all Free People jeans here

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7 years ago

I am thin and (fairly) tall and I LIVE in skinny jeans.

7 years ago

Ankle crop are the best things ever created for short gals.

xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

Instagram: KennedyDawn

7 years ago

I’m all for finding a pair of jeans that you look good in and most importantly feel good in, but let’s abandon the idea that there are rules for certain body types

7 years ago

I always find that ankle jeans are never ankle length on me! I still end up rolling them.

7 years ago
7 years ago

The information you’ve shared in this article is great. I like the way you present useful information. Keep writing!