Finding Balance — Using Essential Oils

More than just a pretty scent — explore the world of essential oils in your quest for better health.

This post comes from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

Despite the doubts surrounding them, essential oils can be beneficial in helping you achieve balance and alleviate physical and emotional ailments. Personally, I’ve found that, through the use of certain oils, I can find energy, rejuvenation, balance and calm. Given my sensitive body, I prefer to use them externally (as opposed to ingestible oils) or in a diffuser, as the benefits can be very similar to ingesting. Below are my go-to essential oils and how they made it on my list.

Lavender. This oil is a must-have for me. At night, as soon as I inhale it, my brain and body know that I am ready for a deep slumber. Lavender can also provide amazing antibacterial qualities when taken internally, but I reserve it only for its relaxing properties. Simply add a drop to the bottom of each of your feet, as well as a drop on your hands (best applied with a carrier oil such as coconut or rosehip oil  — roughly 2-3 drops to every 3 tablespoons of oil), rub together and take a deep breath. Added bonus —  when I roll my head onto my hands when falling asleep, I inhale it with every breath.

Clary Sage. This oil is extremely important to consider when addressing female hormone balancing and cramping. Apply directly to the abdomen and massage into areas of pain or just need a little extra love and attention. (Massaging this area in and of itself can be a great way to ease discomfort, as our hands on their own are marvelous healers!) On a spiritual level, clary sage can serve as an ‘eye opener’ (hence the name clary, which means ‘clear’), allowing us to expand our perspective and see things we may have not otherwise notice and, moreover, see them with clarity and certainty.

Geranium. An incredible opponent of infection, geranium is also used in conjunction with clary sage oil as a hormone regulator. Among its other distinguishing properties — powerful astringent, alleviates PMS symptoms, heals wounds, diuretic and detoxifier. Plus, it possesses a nurturing scent, which keeps me feeling safe and loved.

Frankincense. This age-old remedy was likened to liquid gold, due to its powerful healing properties. Commonly used in candles and natural deodorizers, frankincense has recently become more prominent as a cell regenerator, as well as combatting hypertension and arthritis. It can be especially helpful for women as it regulates estrogen levels. It also possesses an amazing ability to speed up gastric bile production which, in turn, helps food to move through the intestines more quickly. I am such a fan of frankincense that I’ve incorporated it into my night routine, mixing it with lavender oil on my hands before bed.

Lemon and grapefruit. These are two of my favourite citrus oils — great to add to a bath, as they help detoxify, cleanse (both body and mind) and increase circulation. Grapefruit’s potent purifying properties allow it to fight both water retention and cellulite. 

I recently came across a brand called Noto, who effectively combine essential oils and butters as the base of their skincare and beauty products. My personal favourite is the red lip tint, which is made from ingredients such as shea butter, cacao, peppermint oil, and even turmeric… the red colour is derived from iron oxide and can be administered to be as light or dark as desired, on both lips and cheeks alike!

Love, light and natural tint kisses, CJ

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Lemon is another great one for multi-use! You can include it in face toners for added toning benefits and brighten dark spots. It’s a great detox too- a few drops in the bath or a few drops rubbed on the bottom of your feet will do the trick!

Lavender oil is my fav :)

gorgeous post, i love lavender; it always brings a sense of peace to me when i use it.

Great post! I love lavender for its calming properties. I have a wooden box full of random essential oils and whenever I walk past it smells amazing. I’ve recently been loving rose essential oil. I just bought some witch hazel with rose eo in it, and the smell is so nice and refreshing. I put it on my face right before bed, and it helps calm my nerves.


Be careful when applying essential oils of anything citrus based, especially lemon as they can make the skin highly photosensitive. Yes you can actually get 3rd degree sunburns from lemon!!

This is a great cheat sheet for essential oils! I’ve been nervous to buy any because I don’t know entirely what to do with them. Thanks!


Anita Wiley

I think you have a typo under your frankincense description. The last sentence brings up geranium again. :)

Thank you for pointing that out, Anita! :)

I also love lemon and grapefruit oils! Just be careful if you use it in a bath that it can make your extra photo-sensitive and burn easier within the next 24 hours.