Finding Balance: Grounding

Learn the importance of grounding, and how to achieve it… 

This post comes to us from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

On the go, in the air, and living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, I have found it essential to take time to connect to the earth.

When we aren’t grounded, we fill with positive ions rather than the negative ions found inherently in the earth. So when our bare feet touch the ground (grass, sand or soil will do), we change the bodies’ charge, essentially by conducting these ions. Being too positively charged for too long can sometimes result in feeling overwhelmed, stressed… basically, supercharged! Have you noticed when you feel too “charged?”  Less open and in control, which can be a very unsettling feeling.

And the benefits are far greater than simply feeling more settled — grounding can also have a profound impact on reducing inflammation, as well as improving circulation and cortisol dynamics. It helps to regulate our system when it becomes out of whack, as being too positively charged for too long means the sympathetic nervous system has begun to take over. We need the parasympathetic system to kick back in as much as possible!


Desert Dreaming Tunic

Take any and every opportunity you can to take those shoes off and connect with nature! Another helpful tip? Get your hands on an orgonite crystal (literally), which has powerful ionizing properties that will neutralize the positive and make you more negative (not mood-wise though, of course!). It can also counteract EMF (electromagnetic frequency) waves — thanks to cell phones and wifi — which are endlessly swirling through our environment.


Be sure to get GROUNDED and reap the amazing calming benefits Mother Nature gives us for free!

Love, light and Sunny CJ blessings!

Follow Courtney here and via Instagram.

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7 years ago
7 years ago

Being a Taurus, I love nothing more than to feel grounded and strong. Being one with nature and going out just to get my feet on the ground helps immensely. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Orgonite, but have never tried it. I may just have to get my hands on some!

The Wanderful Soul Blog

7 years ago

I love the picture. Beautiful..

7 years ago

WONDERFUL POST! Tell us more about the Orgonite crystal next time, please!!! :)