FP Me to You: A Quick Guide to Summer Health & Beauty

Hawaii native Tara, aka @ladyslider, shares a few tips for staying healthy under the sun… 

Living in Hawai’i, I cannot stress enough the importance of hydration and sun protection. Whether it’s drinking water — a LOT of it, quenching dry skin and/or blocking out the sun’s harmful rays, we are always on a quest to keep the body in balance. There is no better way to do that than ensuring our bodies get what they need…and often.
Whenever people ask what my number one beauty tip is, I always say hydrate. It’s no secret that we should ALWAYS be drinking water! Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water, and the average woman requires at least 9 cups a day. Water is perhaps mother nature’s best miracle worker, so don’t be shy about taking advantage of this precious gift.
Coconuts and coconut trees never go out of style in Hawai’i — they will always have a place in island culture. There are over 110 varieties of palm trees in the world. Despite their name, coconuts are a fruit and are actually considered drupes. Coconut oil and lotions are my number one beauty go-to, providing almost unbeatable hydration for my sunny skin. For this, I especially love Kopari. Their sheer oil, part of my nightly routine, makes for a great facial wash/cleanser. My face dries out easily after a day spent in the sun and repeated applications of sunscreen, so a little oiling with Kopari’s Coconut Sheer Oil moisturizes and refreshes.
Over 5 million cases of skin cancer are reported each year (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma being the most common) and, although there is speculation about the part that sunscreen plays in that, I opt to use it regardless, especially the brand Coola, who use organic ingredients in all of their sunscreens. As a huge advocate for sun protection, I always recommend Coola to anyone who asks. Their Mineral Face SPF 30 sunscreen is my absolute favorite… it’s basically velvet on your skin, and a great preventative for aging.
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7 years ago

Skin cancer is a huge thing that many people don’t take seriously. Thank you for the extra sun protection tips!

The Wanderful Soul

7 years ago

Great article! And swimsuit, where is it from?

7 years ago

Great post, mahalo! One thing I have to add is that it’s super important to use coral reef-friendly skin/hair products for the beach if you live near areas with reefs. The ingredients in the majority of sunscreens actually contribute to the killing of coral reefs and fish. There are some good products out there, just make sure to read about them and make sure they have tested what their product labels claim. Biodegradable may still be toxic; organic may still be unnatural when introduced to a marine ecosystem; products safe for humans may not be safe for our marine friends. A lot of companies who make organic sunscreens have no proof that they actually do no damage to reefs and the ocean ecosystem. Just because it is made of natural materials doesn’t mean those substances belong in the ocean. Stream2Sea has a lot of great products including shampoo and conditioner which is great if you like to shower at the beach like I do frequently!

7 years ago
7 years ago

Cancer is the casue of worry for several people and the sun is blamed for skin cancer daily ..

7 years ago

Love your swimsuit! Going to Sephora and putting Coola in my cart…


7 years ago

I always forget to wear sunscreen! So important!
Jabeen x

7 years ago

good advices