Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 15–21

What does the forecast look like this week? Only one way to find out…

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June 21–July 22

This week, the sun in your worth house is collaborating with Uranus in your ambition angle, enabling you to utilize your personal talents and resources to make progress on a goal. You’ll probably have a strong urge for self-sufficiency and independence. Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner is meshing with Pluto in your one-on-one angle, suggesting deep, emotional dialogue or intensely flirtatious conversation. Letting someone know how you feel about him or her can have a powerful effect on your relationship, and conveying positivity will feed your good mood. With the arrival of a full moon in your sharing sector, you may experience an overwhelming need for closeness. This lunation serves as a reminder that you should strive to balance your own needs with those of other individuals. This would be a great time to pay off a debt or put an end to an unhealthy dependency.



July 23–August 22

The sun is in your sign and gelling with Uranus in your expansion house this week, inspiring you to discover what you’re made of by exposing yourself to stimulating encounters and events. Unfamiliar undertakings can bring fresh insights into yourself and the world, so stay out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind. The full moon in your one-on-one angle could spell a turning point in a relationship and calls for you to seek a balance between your needs and feelings and those of other individuals. If you really ought to liberate yourself from a particular bond, this would be a good time to do so. Venus in your worth house is collaborating with Pluto in your efficiency corner, indicating a strong determination to attain what you desire and a willingness to work hard for it; you might opt to take on a new responsibility in an effort to augment your income.



August 23–September 22

A sun-Uranus encounter links your release corner and your depth sector this week, beckoning you to take a step back from the world — and perhaps let go of something or someone to free up space in your psyche or your personal life. Liberating change begins from within now, and as you look back over your year, try to grasp what or who would best be left in the past. Venus in Virgo is meshing with Pluto in your joy house, alluding to an intense attraction, deep love or profound pleasure. Your desire is strong and can lead you to have a truly fulfilling experience, so follow your heart. The full moon in your productivity corner could indicate a work or health crisis or the culmination of a project. This lunation represents an excellent chance to break a bad habit, echoing the theme of bringing an end to something unhealthy before moving into your new year.



September 23–October 22

A meeting between the sun in your humanity house and Uranus in your one-on-one angle encourages you to be yourself with others, be open to new people and be tolerant of everyone’s idiosyncrasies. You might meet someone different, take on an unexpected role in a group or experience a surprising shift in a relationship now. Other individuals are likely to act as agents of change in your life. Venus is in the last house of your chart and vibing with Pluto in your foundation angle; however, coaxing you to also enjoy downtime or private time with someone special — either can be emotionally transformative during this period. Taking care of a loved one or making a sacrifice for the greater good will prove to be cathartic. The full moon in your joy zone could push you back out of the house, since you’ll probably have an urge for fun. Spontaneous play, romance and creativity are definitely favored.



October 23–November 21

The sun at the top of your chart is clicking with Uranus in your productivity corner, hinting that a change in your responsibilities, routine, skillset or work ethic can help you to shine. Breaking free of old habits will give you a sense of progress. To elevate your public or professional status or make headway with a goal, be willing to adapt to circumstances. A flexible approach is very important now. With Venus in your group zone vibing with Pluto in your communication corner, you’re likely to make powerful connections, so reach out to people. You could gain valuable information through networking, or even a social interaction might change your mind about something or shift your overall mindset. A full moon draws your attention to family, home life and your innermost emotions and could spell a noteworthy change involving one of these. No matter how busy you are, make time for something that soothes you.



November 22–December 21

When the sun in your exploration zone gels with Uranus in your fulfillment sector this week, your hunger for travel, learning and adventure pushes you to broaden your horizons in whatever way you can in the moment. If you’re not able to leave town, simply exposing yourself to unfamiliar people, cultures, beliefs and ideas can be stimulating. Find innovative ways to get out of your routine, because you’ll enjoy looking at the world with fresh eyes now. Venus’s meeting with Pluto will help you to charm higher-ups or do creative work, and either can have an effect on your finances. You might meet someone with the power to help you augment your income, so keep a high profile. The full moon could rev up your brain or the pace of daily life or possibly bring new information to light. It might also indicate a development involving your community or a sibling.



December 22–January 19

A sun-Uranus collaboration is likely to have a positive impact on your mood or your personal life this week, and you’ll benefit from spending time alone or with someone close to you. Pay attention to the subtler nuances of what is going on inside you or between you and another individual, striving for insights that will drive positive change. With Venus in your exploration corner harmonizing with Pluto in Capricorn; however, you’ll also want to venture out into the world. Expanding your consciousness through experiencing difference will make you stronger and wiser, so don’t gravitate to people who are similar to you in order to get a sense of validation. Seek to interact with a broad swath of humanity instead. The full moon in your worth house indicates a sudden urge to have what you feel you need, so guard against splurges and aim for a liberating balance between self-sufficiency and sharing.



January 20–February 18

Your ruler, Uranus, has a fortuitous meeting with the sun this week, facilitating one-on-one interactions. Talking to other individuals can give you information and insights, and this is an opportune time to meet new people, so make an effort to connect. This planetary configuration can also offer you a chance to see a person or a relationship in a different light. With Venus in your depth sector gelling with Pluto in your spirit corner, intimacy and introspection are apt to provide profound pleasure and therapeutic relief. Sex will be especially private and intense, but letting go of a past love could also be powerful and transformative. The full moon in your sign might make you temperamental, and its alliance with Uranus will help you to express what you’re feeling. It’s okay to put your needs first; just try to assert them respectfully. If something is really pushing you over the edge, consider releasing it from your life.



February 19–March 20

Thanks to the sun in your efficiency corner clicking with Uranus in your worth house this week, hard work can make a financial difference, and getting things done can make you feel better about yourself. If you devote energy to tackling necessary tasks and improving your physical health, your self-esteem will surge. Venus is gelling with Pluto, emphasizing the value of building a team of supporters — by connecting with people who have the power to help you and by nurturing relationships with individuals who want the best for you. This is a good time for professional networking, socializing and negotiating. The full moon could bring something in your subconscious to light or bring a private matter out into the open. Don’t repress your emotions; spend time alone processing them if you feel like you need to. A brief retreat from the world will give you a chance to recharge your battery.



March 21–April 19

With the sun in your fulfillment zone harmonizing with Uranus this week, you should feel free to be yourself and to enjoy life in whatever way you please. Expressing your feelings and your individuality will be exhilarating and can give you the sense that you’re making progress. Stagnancy is anathema to Aries, especially with change-loving Uranus traveling through your sign, so play around with different ways of motivating yourself now. Venus in your productivity corner is vibing with Pluto in your ambition angle, hinting that work that serves others or utilizes your creativity can give you a deep sense of purpose, so try to make the most of a task that may not seem very fun at first glance. The full moon in your group house could indicate a big social occasion, the culmination of a philanthropic goal, emotional drama with friends or the end of an association with a group.



April 20–May 20

This week’s sun-Uranus summit involving your foundation angle and your release corner invites you to let go of the past and contemplate who you want to be going forward. This is an excellent time for staying home and sifting through memories or mementos to gain insight into what brought you to where you are now. Try to be conscious of what’s going on inside you and how you might be undermining yourself unintentionally. On a different note, Venus’s confab with Pluto gives you permission to also get out and enjoy life, aiming to have a transformative adventure or experience deep love that changes how you see the world. Meanwhile, a full moon at the top of your chart could push you into the spotlight and require you to put your best foot forward in public or in your profession. Your career may take a notable turn, or a goal might come to fruition.



May 21–June 20

Thanks to the sun in your thinking-and-talking corner gelling with Uranus in your humanity zone this week, group communication, brainstorming and networking are all highly favored. Express your ideas and views to people, and reach out to others who share your interests and objectives. There’s a good chance you’ll meet someone new, and it’s more likely to be a platonic connection than a romantic one. Venus in your foundation angle is harmonizing with Pluto in your depth house, so time at home — either by yourself, with family or with someone you’re close to — is apt to be restorative and enjoyable, and intimacy and introspection can both feel rewarding. The full moon in your exploration sector can give you an urge for adventure, though, and it pushes you to take a leap of faith. This lunation nudges you to move past an old belief that limits your hopes and dreams.

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It’s Leo season, why is Cancer at the top?


It’s been like that for all of leo season, as a leo it kind of bummed me out


I’m interested in horoscopes since last year and I really like to compare horoscopes from different websites. This week I sumbled upon the horoscope of this blog and the horoscope of And this time, it’s the first time, that the two horoscopes are nearly equal. Incidentally I’m Leo.