Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 29–September 4

What does the forecast look like this week? Only one way to find out…

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August 23–September 22

With Mercury going retrograde in your sign this week, it’s time to rethink personal matters. Your ruler’s meetup with Jupiter prompts you to review the journey you’ve been on in the last year, and you’ll probably find yourself looking back and looking ahead but having some difficulty dwelling in the present. The solar eclipse also falls in Virgo, amplifying the fresh start of your birthday season and daring you to break from the past in a big way. This eclipse is fighting with a couple of other planets, generating tension within you and in your relationships and implying that whatever personal change you’re poised to make will compel others to adjust to the new you. You’re gradually constructing a foundation on which to base your future, and you’re more inclined to rely on yourself than on other people lately. Perhaps you feel like you’ve been taking care of others and need to be a little more selfish now. Someone may not be there for you in the way that you want him or her to be, and focusing on yourself can ground you. Consider what step you might take that will offer you the deepest sense of fulfillment in the coming year.



September 23–October 22

With Venus making her grand entrance in Libra this week, you’ll start to feel more sociable and attractive and capable of drawing in what you desire. However, Mercury is turning retrograde in the last house of your chart, making you somewhat circumspect, in contrast to your increasingly friendly mood. It’s possible that you’ll want to be around people in the next few weeks but won’t know exactly what to say. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitive hunches, and keep your own counsel. Be careful not to blurt out secrets or speak out of turn. Reflect on the past in search of fresh insights. The solar eclipse in this house encourages you to tend to your spiritual needs and lends itself to the beginning of a new practice such as yoga or meditation. Since the eclipse is quarreling with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner, it will probably be challenging to keep your thoughts straight and to speak judiciously. Your instincts are apt to conflict with your conscious attitude now. The eclipse’s collaboration with Pluto in your foundation angle can persuade you to look deep within yourself, though, in order to shift your emotional state and transform your relationship with the past.



October 23–November 21

Venus slips into your release corner this week, making you feel less social and more inclined to spend time by yourself or spend private time with someone close to you. Plus, Mercury is going retrograde in your humanity house, increasing the likelihood of misunderstandings with friends, colleagues and peers. The next few weeks would be a good time to review your affiliations with groups, get back in touch with old acquaintances and rethink a dream or rediscover a neglected one. A solar eclipse in this house alludes to the possibility of joining an organization, meeting new contacts, developing a different interest or objective and making new friends. The eclipse is clashing with Saturn in your worth sector, so you may need to focus on what’s best for others and delay personal gratification. Or it could be that new long-range goals will require you to work hard to attain what you need. An opposition between the eclipse and Neptune emphasizes the elusiveness of ideal pleasures and the allure of escape. Thanks to a collaboration between the eclipse and Pluto, though, moving beyond self-interest and focusing on a group, friends and the wider world can transform your mindset.



November 22–December 21

After Venus arrives in your network sector this week, part of your focus will shift from goals to socializing. You’ll enjoy being around a lot of people in the next few weeks, so make plans to see friends and attend gatherings. With Mercury going retrograde in your ambition angle, you’ll start to find it harder to communicate with authority figures and articulate your aims. A Mercury-Jupiter rendezvous encourages you to review your objectives in an effort to see the big picture and discover patterns. Meanwhile, a solar eclipse calls for you to consider your career path or the general direction your life is heading in, and ask yourself if a course correction is in order. Because the eclipse is battling Saturn in Sagittarius, there’s a good chance that you’re preventing yourself from shining. You may need to get out of your own way, or you may just need to slow down and operate more methodically. This might be a good time to work on your résumé in preparation for the next chapter in your career. The eclipse is also facing off against Neptune, so if you feel drained, try to balance chasing after success with plenty of downtime for rest and reflection.



December 22–January 19

Venus climbs to the top of your chart this week, boosting your public and professional appeal and helping you to show off your creative side. You’ll have an easy time getting along with people in power in the next few weeks, so keep a high profile. But with Mercury going retrograde, travel and learning are apt to entail challenges; try to be patient and maintain your sense of humor. You might have more success revisiting a place than going somewhere new. This is an appropriate period to reexamine your beliefs or renew a topic of study. Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter hints that you can regain some perspective by taking a big mental step back from a situation. The solar eclipse further underscores the need to get beyond the confines of your usual way of thinking and your habitual routine. Since the eclipse is quarreling with Saturn in your subliminal corner and Neptune in your mindset house, doubts and fears are likely to creep in. But Pluto in Capricorn is in sync with the eclipse, confirming that fresh ideas, unfamiliar experiences and a new philosophy will strengthen your resolve to transform your life from the inside out.



January 20–February 18

The pleasures of difference are highlighted by Venus’s move into your exploration house this week, and you’re encouraged to branch out and interact with a wider range of people than you might normally encounter in your everyday life. As Mercury starts backtracking in your depth zone, communication in close relationships gets especially tricky, and you could struggle with misunderstandings with your significant other or a good friend. Delve into your psyche and seek to understand yourself better, or listen attentively to someone you care about and learn what you can about what makes him or her tick. The solar eclipse nudges you to dig deeper into an intimate bond, a passion project or an emotional issue, while its skirmish with Saturn in your network sector implies that it feels rather difficult to get what you want from other people. And the eclipse’s opposition with Neptune in your worth house could trigger a fear of loss or insecurity about what you lack. But fortunately, the eclipse is vibing with Pluto, giving you the determination to deal with internal turbulence and troubles that have lingered on from the past and transmute your challenges into lessons learned.



February 19–March 20

You’ll begin to crave closeness more after Venus arrives in your depth sector this week, where she’ll be hanging out until late September. Casual connections won’t be as satisfying as intimate ones, so spend time with individuals whom you trust. Don’t invest your emotions in someone who’s only interested in a shallow encounter now. With Mercury going retrograde in your one-on-one angle, miscommunication with other people could be an issue in the next few weeks. It’s a good time for reconnecting with someone, but reconciling with an ex may not be a wise choice. Everybody’s judgment is off during the retrograde, so postpone major decisions. The solar eclipse in that part of your chart hints at a new relationship or taking an existing one to the next level, but the eclipse’s squabbles with Saturn in your ambition angle and Neptune in Pisces indicate that there may be some hesitation and confusion. It’s hard for you to see others clearly and for them to see you clearly, and you may feel cautious about the direction in which you’re headed. But challenge yourself to shift the role that you typically play in your relationships and to find a fresh approach to connecting with people.



March 21–April 19

Venus crosses your one-on-one angle this week, helping you to feel agreeable in the weeks to come. With Mercury traveling retrograde in your efficiency corner for the same period, it’s also a good time to research health matters, reorganize your workspace, relearn a skill, review details, rethink your habits and reassess your approach to a problem. Since Mercury is joining up with expansive Jupiter, you may choose to take a fresh look at the big picture of your job situation, your overall wellness or the functioning of your day-to-day life. This week’s solar eclipse lands in the same part of your chart, encouraging you to turn over a new leaf in order to improve your wellbeing or productivity, and any such change could have a lasting impact on your career or life direction. A new job, routine, diet, fitness regimen or responsibility may be in the pipeline. It’s difficult to envision an upcoming shift in your everyday schedule, given the sun’s spat with Saturn in your perspective zone. And the sun’s faceoff with Neptune can make you feel drained, calling for extra rest and peace to replenish your body and your spirit.



April 20–May 20

Venus moves into your productivity corner this week, coaxing you to work on a relationship, be of service to others and take pleasure in what you’re doing every day. Meanwhile, Mercury is beginning its retrograde phase in your joy house, making the next few weeks a good time for rediscovering your inner child. You might reconnect with a past love or revise a creative project but will likely have trouble expressing your feelings and talents in a straightforward way. A solar eclipse can inspire you to seek fresh sources of romance, fun and happiness, but with the thinking planet backtracking, your judgment is apt to be rather off, so try not to harbor any illusions if you jump into something new. Neptune’s opposition to the eclipse highlights the temptation to idealize someone, and his position in your friends sector suggests you could misconstrue a platonic connection. A sun-Saturn fight underscores the theme of someone falling short of your expectations; however, it can also serve as a reminder that serious relationships require work. You might feel torn between playfulness and commitment and need an outlet for excess emotional energy; a transformative adventure could do the trick.



May 21–June 20

With Mercury and Venus coming together at the bottom of your chart this week, you’ll have a desire to express your innermost emotions, and soon after, Venus segues into your fulfillment zone, putting you in the mood to love, laugh, show your creativity and enjoy life. After Mercury goes retrograde, thoughts of the past are apt to start trickling in, and you might find yourself reconnecting with people from your childhood. Misunderstandings with family or someone you live with could crop up, and you may be better off doing more listening than talking for now. In the next few weeks, consider elements of your living situation such as your décor, and play around with different ideas for how to make yourself feel more comfortable in your own space. The solar eclipse can give you an urge to move or at least redecorate, but postpone major decisions until late September. Smaller home-improvement projects such as a decluttering binge are advisable, and even rearranging furniture might be satisfying. The sun’s squabbles with Saturn and Neptune imply that another individual or a sense of aimlessness are apt to affect your mood, but private intimacy or quiet time for reflection can recenter you.



June 21–July 22

With Venus descending to the foundation of your chart this week, you’ll begin to appreciate the pleasures of home and family, in true Cancer fashion. You may get into the mood to play hostess or simply want to nest more rather than going out. Mercury is turning retrograde in a house that governs short journeys, making it harder to get around anyway. You could also have difficulty articulating your thoughts and processing information. The next few weeks are not a great time for communication and travel, but you might have success reconnecting with a sibling or neighbor, revising a writing project or reorganizing data. The solar eclipse pushes you to ask questions, reach out to people and get busy thinking. You’ll be tempted to jump to a conclusion or make a decision, given Mercury’s meetup with Jupiter, but you should hold off. The sun is skirmishing with Saturn and Neptune, further affecting your mindset, but it’s collaborating with Pluto. For now, embrace the idea of being a student of life, and try to withhold judgment. Give yourself a chance to gradually understand something, possibly with the help of another person.



July 23–August 22

Guard against iffy financial judgment after Mercury goes retrograde in your worth zone this week. It’s a good time to review your assets and possessions and reassess potential sources of income, and it’s also appropriate to ponder your personal values in the next few weeks. Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter may tempt you to splurge on something, but you need to pause and consider what’s most important to you, as your priorities are apt to be a bit mixed up. A solar eclipse in this part of your chart hints at new ways of making money, and the eclipse’s quibbles with Saturn and Neptune could offer further insights. Building up your security and becoming more self-sufficient will require you to do the following: work hard to manifest a talent; deprive yourself of indulgences; be less dependent on outside resources; and possibly let go of illusions about being rescued. Achieving a tangible shift in how you take care of your own needs calls for a reality check, but it will ultimately increase your self-esteem. The eclipse is clicking with Pluto in your productivity corner, pushing you to continue to transform your work ethic, skillset, daily routine and overall efficiency.

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