Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 8–14

See how the stars are aligning this week…

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June 21–July 22

You might need to adjust your attitude or gather more information this week, when Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication house skirmishes with Uranus in your ambition angle. Do your best to adapt to a shift related to your boss, your career or a goal. Venus is fighting with Saturn in your efficiency corner, putting your pleasant mindset at risk, especially if you feel weighed down with tasks and responsibilities or lack energy. And Venus’s faceoff with Neptune in your outlook zone might leave you confused, so try to take words at face value. Thinking what you want to think could be a problem now. A Mercury-Pluto confab favors deep dialogue and encourages you to learn what you can from another individual. Recognize the power that another person’s knowledge can give you.



July 23–August 22

You might get ahead of yourself this week and need to make an adjustment based on your resources when Jupiter in your worth zone conflicts with Uranus in your outlook sector. Impulsive overspending is probably the biggest risk to steer clear of. Venus is also in your worth zone and clashing with both Saturn in your joy house and Neptune in your sharing sector, so you could feel like someone or something is keeping you from having what you desire. And if you feel deprived, you may have a harder time being warm and generous. Be more realistic about what another person has to offer you, and be willing to make a sacrifice. A Mercury-Pluto collaboration favors a blend of sound financial judgment and a powerful work ethic.



August 23–September 22

Jupiter in Virgo clashes with Uranus in your sharing sector this week, calling for you to tweak your expectations of partnership. Your personal growth is out of alignment with changes in an interdependent relationship, and you may need to be more flexible. Venus in Virgo is sparring with Saturn and Neptune, which is also likely to have an effect on your mood and your interactions. The past, your family, domestic obligations or underlying insecurity can impair your ability or your inclination to socialize and to draw in what you want, and seeing what you want to see in another person may lead to disappointment. Unselfishness will go a long way now. And fortunately, Mercury in Virgo is clicking with Pluto, facilitating powerful self-expression, so don’t be afraid to show your emotions.



September 23–October 22

Try to be more aware of your subconscious hopes, as they’re apt to influence a relationship this week, perhaps making someone seem less stable or reliable than you’d like — thanks to Jupiter in your subliminal sector disagreeing with Uranus in your one-on-one angle. Venus is also in your subliminal sector and feuding with Saturn and Neptune, which could make it more difficult for you to be selfless, let go of someone, enjoy peace and quiet or take care of another person. Be careful not to fall into the trap of playing martyr or victim. Mercury’s confab with Pluto in your foundation zone invites you to dig into your feelings or the past in order to process what’s going on inside you and understand yourself better.



October 23–November 21

With Jupiter in your network zone clashing with Uranus in your efficiency corner this week, your social life could be subject to changing circumstances related to work or heath, and it’s best if you go with the flow rather than attempt to exert control over things that are out of your hands. Venus is also in your network zone and feuding with Saturn in your worth house, hinting that insecurity or limited funds can have an impact on socializing or friendship. Plus Venus is facing off against Neptune, increasing the likelihood that you’ll romanticize a friendship or idealize a peer. Thanks to a harmonious encounter between Mercury and Pluto, though, your ability to think and communicate in depth should be excellent, so use your words if you run into trouble.



November 22–December 21

Jupiter is squabbling with Uranus this week, calling for you to juggle ambitious aspirations and playful whims. Take brief breaks for fun, and then try to get back on track pursuing your goals. As Saturn turns direct after four and a half months of traveling retrograde in your sign, you’ll gradually begin to feel less stuck and better able to execute your plans. Venus in your success angle is sparring with Saturn, though, so you can all too easily prevent yourself from looking good — possibly by withdrawing or focusing on the negative. Don’t block blessings just because they don’t come in the form that you anticipated. A Mercury-Pluto confab nudges you to have a substantial conversation with an authority figure or plot the best way to utilize your resources to achieve something.



December 22–January 19

Jupiter in your expansion corner has an awkward encounter with Uranus in your foundation angle this week, so learning, travel and optimism could be interrupted by a change in your family, living situation or mood; roll with it as best you can. Your ruler, Saturn, is going direct in the last house of your chart after turning retrograde there in late March, and hopefully, you’ll start to feel more ready to continue the finishing-up phase of a particular project or emotional chapter in your life. Venus is quibbling with Saturn and Neptune, increasing the chances that both subconscious and conscious doubts will prevent you from enjoying new experiences and relating to different people. Thankfully, Mercury is clicking with Pluto, enabling you to empower yourself to keep broadening your mind and expressing your views.



January 20–February 18

When Jupiter in your sharing sector fights clashes with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking zone this week, your expectations of another person could be out of sync with an insight, some new piece of information or a conversation, and a flexible mindset will help the situation. Venus’s fight with Saturn in your network house puts closeness at risk, as social obligations, peer pressure or unattainable ideals can interfere with your enjoyment of intimacy or companionship. Venus is also opposing Neptune in your worth house, suggesting that a fear of lack or loss can impinge on the pleasures of sex or sharing. Luckily, Mercury is in sync with Pluto, encouraging you to confide in someone you trust or engage in deep introspection. Either can facilitate psychological transformation at this time.



February 19–March 20

An uncomfortable angle between Jupiter in your one-on-one house and Uranus in your worth zone this week may require you to ride out changes in your confidence or finances and possibly dial down your expectations of another individual. Venus is also in your one-on-one house, and she’s disagreeing with Saturn at the top of your chart, so your ambitions or responsibilities could interfere with a close relationship, and you may find it hard to compromise. Plus Venus is opposing Neptune in Pisces, upping the chances that romanticism, mixed signals, escapism, self-delusion or a tendency to adopt a martyr or victim role will affect a close relationship as well. Do your best to view a person and your connection with them through a clear lens and to present yourself as honestly as you can.



March 21–April 19

You could have an urge to shirk off responsibilities this week, when excessive Jupiter in your productivity corner disagrees with rebellious Uranus in Aries. Taking breaks might help, if you find you can’t stick with what you’re supposed to be doing for a long period. With Venus also hanging in your productivity corner, life isn’t all about having a good time right now. Venus’s present difficulties with Saturn in your perspective zone and Neptune in your spirit house can make you feel a bit lost and dissatisfied, though, tempting you to give up on what you’re doing. Thankfully, Mercury is cooperating with Pluto in your ambition angle, enabling you to focus on some sort of intensive mental work; choose an intellectual task that will get you closer to a goal.



April 20–May 20

This week’s Jupiter-Uranus conflict hints at surprising disruptions involving romance, creativity or fun, and taking an honest look at something you’ve swept under the rug can help you adapt. Venus in your love-and-happiness zone is fighting with Saturn in your sharing sector, so it may seem like someone is being cold, stingy or demanding. And Venus’s faceoff with Neptune in your group house suggests friends or peers could let you down if you’ve built them up too much, or your love life and social life could be at odds now. Try to balance your current joie de vivre with realistic expectations of others. Mercury is syncing with Pluto in your expansion corner, making it easier for you to express your feelings and your individuality and to learn from experience.



May 21–June 20

A spat between Jupiter in your foundation angle and Uranus in your network zone this week means you may need to juggle your home life and your social life, or a quest for security might come into play, causing you to react to group pressures. Venus is also in your foundation angle and quarreling with Saturn in your one-on-one house, so family and partnership could be at odds or your desire to enjoy peace and quiet might be shelved so you can meet an obligation to another person. Plus Venus’s opposition with Neptune can spell tension between nesting and higher aspirations. But Mercury is gelling with Pluto, helping you to delve into feelings and memories and transform something in your psyche. Deep introspection can result in powerful insight and healing.

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