Life Hack: Clear Your Mind – You Will Grow

Learning to nourish and remain receptive to all things around you…

As our Life Hack series implies, clearing your mind on a daily basis will make for a better you. And, with effort, we can muddle through the fog of life’s difficulties and see things for what they are — beautiful.

To wrap up this portion of our life hack series, I wanted to end on a positive note — how a clear mind can help you grow full-circle. Why should we learn to clear our minds, find some inner zen? How would that help us grow?

Life can be messy. It can be tough. One day the sun is shining out of my a** and the next I’m a nervous wreck, seeing nothing good and, the next,  I’m a busy little thing, blowing by the moment. It’s easy to feel drained, to wilt, to dry out. Life can eat us up and spit us out if we don’t find some clarity.

I will stress it one last time — I truly believe that, every day, we need to clear our minds. It may require just a tiny bit of effort, but it’s so very important. Since I’ve been working on it, I have found myself growing. My happiness, my relationships, my work ethic, my overall wellness has grown. From throughout this series, I’ve curated a few core points that will ensure our collective growth:

Nourish. Replenish your body. Take a moment for yourself each day, and give yourself what you need. Isn’t that sentence so simple and funny? “Take a moment for yourself”. Guys, always find time for yourself. Think about what you need in that moment, focus on it and provide. It will help you stay balanced and clear throughout your day. I’m talkin’ water, good conversation, fresh air, alone time, plants, whole grain toast, whatever. It will make you a nicer friend, a better employee, and happy at the end of the day.

Stay Open. Try new things… another recurring point that is key to keeping a clear mind and grow. During the last four weeks, I’ve been more open to spontaneity, and it’s been beautiful, growing in confidence, experience and self-esteem. My mind is calm because I’m letting sparks of unexpected adventure out. It will wipe out a chest full of butterflies, and offer you release.

Learn. You will only grow by finding what is good for your mind, what is bad, and how to accept or change the outcomes. We are all capable of making effort. Remember that. Find what efforts will help your mind stay balanced, and keep you growing instead of wilting.

I hope you’ve all considered that clearing your mind can make a happier you.You live in  a beautiful world. Let yourself truly live within it.

I will not wilt. I will not dry out. I will grow.


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4 years ago

I’m sad to see this series end! I’ve been taking these to heart and they have been helping me so I can thank you for that. Hopefully I will not forget and grow with my clear mind. Thanks for sharing your words!

4 years ago

Loved this series!

4 years ago

This Series has been so great! I have to agree – I’ve been setting time apart to consciously clear mind for at least 10mins a day the past few weeks and it has been so helpful in my overall happiness! Thanks again :)

4 years ago

Love it!

4 years ago

This was wonderful as I read along weekly through each of the series. Blessed to have found it thank you.