Life Hack: Clear Your Mind – By the Sea

Waking up near the sea is a gift. Use those morning hours wisely. 

Life hack = helps you manage time efficiently.

Spending the last five days on the coast, shacked up in a beach house with friends and family, I set my intentions to focus on self in addition to the presumed socializing. Hence, life hack.

I set my alarm each morning at 7am —  milder temps, less people out and about. I set aside one hour each morning for a week for myself.

Day One. Grab a cup of coffee or tea. Sit outside on the porch, in that chipped wood rocking chair, and just be. Give your mind an hour to just be still. Take deep breaths, feel the sunshine… you made it. You are at the beach. This is day one. You have a week to do whatever you would like. Enjoy that hour of peace.

Day Two. Get your feet in the sand. Now. A stroll on the beach can cure just about anything. Let the ocean kiss your toes. This is the time to relax, and let your senses do the work for you. Listen to the waves. Study the seagulls. Taste the salty air. Feel the sunny warmth on your shoulders. Say good morning to a passerby.

Day Three. Try something new this morning. Me? I gave paddle boarding a try. Gliding atop the water felt incredible. I felt light, lifted, free. When I was finished, my core muscles felt a bit sore, but in the best way.

Day Four. Spend the hour taking photos. Walk around town and snap what inspires you. You’ll be able to reflect on your beautiful week, when you gave yourself an hour each day to clear your mind, and focus on yourself.

Day Five. Reflect. Sit on the dock and write what you feel. It can be about anything… what you observe, how the week went. Rate your mindset, both going into and leaving the trip. This exercise will help you learn a little about the mind, and what it wants to steer clear of.

If ever seaside — once a year, or once a day, give this life hack a try. It’s a simple way to ground yourself, refresh, and let the surrounding beauty clear your mind.

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5 years ago

This is beautiful. Love your photos and words. The perfect read for a Sunday.

5 years ago

lovely lovely post

Hannah | Oh January

5 years ago

Your photos are so gorgeous, thank you for this wonderful post! I couldn’t agree more, the sea is so soothing and lovely, and these photos show just that.

5 years ago

I have been thinking about doing this for the whole week! Definitely going to go for it because theres nothing like beach vibes to clear the head and gain some perspective.

5 years ago

love, love love this! so inspiring, i feel so motivated to take some time for myself and as you so wonderfully put it ‘just be.’

5 years ago
5 years ago

SO beautiful!


5 years ago

Lovely post, Made my day :)

5 years ago

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