Life Hack: Clear Your Mind — Seek Beauty

Beauty is all around us. Don’t pass it by.

As our Life Hack series implies, clearing your mind on a daily basis will make for a better you. And, with effort, you and I can muddle through the fog of life’s difficulties and see things for what they are — beautiful.

This week, I ask you to begin each day with this intention: seek beauty. It is all around you. It CAN clear your mind. Open your eyes, look around and breathe in the world around you.

It’s easy to become absorbed by the same routine — the same route to work, seeing the same things, not stopping to ever smell the flowers. Last week, I made an effort to clear my head by seeking beauty every day. It really made me feel still and thankful. Here are a few of my favorite moments.seek1Day One. I was late to work. I was hungry, bitter and stressed. On my trip, I noticed an old school bus, bearing punches of color over ever inch of itself, with the word “peace” emblazoned on the back. I was going to be late, and normally I would simply pass by without a second thought. But it caught my eye — for a reason? Was it meant to be seen? So I stopped. A quick pit stop from my commute. I went up to the bus, studied its story, the orange rust on the bumper, and the turquoise-stitched seats. I’m happy I got a chance to see that.

Day Two. Sunflowers are my favorite. I was walking my dog, and noticed some lovely flowers in the front yard of a neighborhood home. I snapped a quick picture, because their yellow-yness made me happy. I walked further to find huge sunflowers smiling down on me. The owner of the house was gardening, and instead of shy ol’ me walking away, I complimented her. She smiled, and was overwhelmed with joy. I wanted to know more — what were her tricks, how long did it take for them to grow, and she filled me in. It was a beautiful conversation well worth the time. I’ll be growing sunflowers next near.

Day Three. I woke up early in hopes of chasing the day’s first light. It was warm, like honey drizzled in a cup of steamy green tea. The color was gorgeous, and it flickered along the hardwood floors for hours. I enjoyed this trance. My day started off in the calmest of ways.

It’s easy to just walk on by… to see things, but not really see them. To pass up those beautiful little moments. We all know work and schedules and commitments are important. But will you ever see a butterfly that color of electric pink again? Will those trees, bursting with blooms, be near you next year? You never know. So take every chance you can to seek out beauty, in all its forms. Making that extra effort has allowed my mind to open more each day. It should be appreciated. It should be found, and flipped over. It should be focused on, and in return, you will find an inner happiness that you didn’t know you had.seek2What ways do you seek beauty each day? Let us know in the comments!

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4 years ago

Its so itonic just yesterday i was trying to figure out ways to clear my mind due to the many distrations of life.
This week im going to try to see the beauty of my everyday life, thanks for the article :)

4 years ago

This is beautiful! What a simple & yet inspiring idea!

4 years ago

Love this! Just what I needed to start this week!

4 years ago
4 years ago

The photos and writing are perfect. Keep these going guys. They are feel good all the way.