Office Style: On Location

Taking this week’s version of Office Style out west…

One of my favorite blog features has always been Office Style. For years, even before working for FP, I loved checking out the home office team’s style — ever aspirational, relaxed, cool and feminine. Broken-in vintage boots, rare tees, and rad one-of-a-kind jewelry were regular players each week and filled me with closet envy. (A very sad disorder.) In my book, these cats were the coolest of cool.

And I am still excited by what’s happening on the east coast, especially as a west coaster, and find fascination in the differences, and comfort in the similarities in mood and feeling. Both are laid-back, seemingly effortless in execution… thrown together, if you will, but in unique ways. Out west (and mostly on location), fashion is function. With the heat, the wind and hiking all over southern California, one must dress for the elements. Take our most recent photo shoot, for instance. We shot at a nameless location in the golden rolls of Woodland Hills where sporadic single oak trees gave irregular and isolated shade from a relentless sun. We hiked one mile in, our shoes immediately dusty and riddled with foxtails. Our hair flattened against our foreheads with sweat. Not a typical office per se, but a place where we get a helluva lot of work done. Have a look below at our version of west coast “Office” Style.


Wearing vintage men’s overalls and a Free People seamless layering tee. Hair tied up with a pen, of course.



I love our stylist, Coryn’s, look — a 1970s men’s KA-3B Navy Sky Warrior coverall, vintage hat and layered vintage silver and turquoise jewelry.


Don’t mess with West Coast producer Devin.


Uber-cool Creative Director Doub studying the shot, and looking rad doing it.



Production Assistant Adam capturing a real Wes Anderson vibe.


Creative Assistant Tina sporting a military-inspired onesie, headscarf, flag and vintage Polaroid camera.


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6 years ago

lovely post, a little different to the usual style posts too

6 years ago

This post is everything, love the location, people, and clothes!

6 years ago
6 years ago

That shirt is seriously cool!

xx Jenelle

6 years ago

The location is wonderful !