Natural Remedies: Skin Food (Continued)

Adding adaptogens and probiotics to your diet can beautify you from the inside out…

This post comes to us from wellness expert, Tara Curran

As you naturalize your skin care regimen and integrate more mindful eating habits, it’s  important to next look at preventative measures when making the switch. In my coaching practice, and in the Skin Food program, I will guide you to a place where finding and making time for healthy food options and supplements will become part of a routine.   Skin, our largest organ, is ultimately the reflection of our internal health. Whether or not it’s transparent to you now, there are a few key things you can do to take preventative measures.

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Adaptogens. Adaptogens are plants and herbs that serve as natural stress reducers. Taken consistently, they can calm nerves, boost mood, regulate hormones and keep hair, skin and nails healthy. My go-to’s? Sun Potion’s He Shou Wu and Tocos, wonderful when added to smoothies, nut milk or tea.

Probiotics. One very important supplement I often recommend for my clients — a probiotic. Probiotics help build good gut bacteria to aid in digestion, fight off bad bacteria and boost immunity. Taken on a daily basis, a probiotic can lead to the clearing of cystic acne, unwanted breakouts and help balance your overall health.

Chia Seeds. A complete protein and superfood, chia seeds are one of my favorite beauty foods. Loaded with nutrients like magnesium, these guys can reduce stress in the body, aid in post-workout muscle recovery and strengthen hair, skin and nails with their high omega content. Omegas are also great for skin because they reduce dryness from the inside out, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. Despite their size, they are a force to be reckoned with, for sure.

Ensuring your intake of a daily supplement like a probiotic or adaptogens can be tricky. But consistency is key! I suggest doing your best to make it a ritual, whether first thing in the morning or end of the day.


Sun Potion

** Keep in mind that supplements take time! Stick with them, and you will see results of your dedication to your health!

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