Notes from the Chair: Best PM Tricks for an AM Glow

Start each day looking like you got that full 8 hours in the night before…

A weekly series of lighthearted Q&A’s with some of our most talented friends… 

Go-to makeup stylist Deanna is back to share a few tips on how to look, and ultimately feel your best, every morning, using just a few key nighttime ingredients.


1. Sleep mask

Applying a quick and easy mask like Orgaid’s Antiaging and Moisturizing Organic Mask replenishes your skin with moisture you may have lost throughout your day.


2. Night replenishing cream

A night creme like Dr. Alkaitis’ works its magic while you sleep — restoring, revitalizing and hydrating. And adding a few drops of rosehip oil will make your skin feel that much more alive.



3. Water.

We can’t stress it enough — water is everything.


4. Dream spray

If you have trouble falling asleep, lull your mind into dreamland with a few spritzes of dream spray onto your pillow.


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5 years ago

I love sleeping masks. The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is my favorite.

5 years ago