Notes from the Chair: Taming Your Beachy Mane

When those beachy locks get a little too salty for even your taste, take some tips from stylist Helen Reavey…

Notes from the Chair — a weekly series of lighthearted Q&A’s with some of our most talented friends… 

Hair stylist Helen Reavey is here to help you regain control of a potentially frizzy situation…read on!


1. Rare El’ements Essential Lite Conditioner

Amazing de-frizzing capabilities… It can also throw a little extra wave in your hair if applied when wet-with ocean-water, as well as rehydrate.


2. Yep…olive oil.

Use on dry hair. Comb in, starting at mid-length through to your ends. Leave on for about 20 minutes, then rinse…your hair will feel oh so lovely.


3. Or…a braid will do you just fine.

For an easy fix, do your hair up in a braid…or two…or more. Once home and dry, you’ll reap the added bonus of some nice post-wave waves.

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Great tips! I’ve also stopped brushing my hair after showers, for minimum breakage and more natural waves. :)

❀ Riah
The Wanderful Soul


Living in Hawaii I’m at the beach almost every day. I’ve found that applying coconut oil to my hair before the beach helps it stay smooth and hydrated. It also helps if you’re active in the water (surfing, free diving, snorkeling, etc.) by preventing tangles from those ocean waves.

Oh yes, no loose hair on the beach for me, that’s for sure! A braid it is.