Office Style: Meet Megan

Take it from us, Graphic Design Assistant Megan is a true gem.

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!

Describe your position at Free People.

My title is Graphic Design Assistant, and I’m kind of the “free bird” of the team. I have my hands on a lot of different projects — hand-lettering and illustrating for our homepages, catalogs, blog posts and social media. I also work on lookbooks for our bigger wholesale accounts like Nordstrom, Shopbop and Bloomingdales.

What is your go-to for inspiration?

My main hub for inspiration — which consists mainly of feminine, beachy images and minimalism done well — is Pinterest and Instagram. Social media is such a great way to get inspired by other people, whether someone is sharing a cool outfit or a lettering style they’ve developed. I’m also very inspired by the outdoors. I love taking pictures and observing color schemes out in the real world.


What’s your favorite part about your job?

I feel so lucky to be able to work at Free People — there are so few companies out there that value a hand touch to their product; it is so highly embraced here.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Working with all women. It’s a very significant change from what I’m used to, having grown up playing sports and making a lot of guy friends (not to mention being very close to my dad). It’s inspiring at the same time, because the women here are so talented. They are the best of the best, which makes their opinions so valuable. I have created relationships with so many women who I look up to — it has really made me grow, not only as a graphic designer but as a person.

Where is your favorite place to illustrate and draw?

Actually, I feel most inspired when I’m NOT in my room. I love getting out and going to coffee shops to draw. It can get awkward at times (because people definitely watch you) but I love being part of a bigger community. It’s nice to relax with your latté and not feel any pressure… just draw!

Who is your favorite artist?

Currently, Bernadette Marie Pascua! Bernadette is a New York-based beauty illustrator. Her work is a beautiful representation of structured watercolor with a femme edge. Her lettering style is so fun as well!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say it’s similar to my illustration style, funnily enough! I’m from Southern California, so there’s definitely a beachy element… but now I’m leaning more toward a minimalist approach! I’ve been buying things that are simple and will last a long time (but can still be jazzed up).

My style has certainly evolved since moving to the East Coast. It’s both fun and exciting to see how the East Coast girls style themselves. I feel like both I and my style have matured here!


If you could switch jobs with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage! She’s a fashion blogger who travels the globe, and dresses impeccably while doing so. I’d love to experience many different parts of the world while inspiring people along the way, all while looking great!

What is the one thing in your closet you can’t live without?

Before coming here, my answer would have been swimsuits, hands-down. A good swimsuit was always my go-to buy… Now I’d have to say salt spray. My hair is naturally stick-straight, so I need to add some southern Cali-flare to it!

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7 years ago


7 years ago

Love this outfit! And Megan, you are so cool!


7 years ago

lovely lady, and lovely style. Love the minimalist gold bracelet and rings!

7 years ago

Wow, so amazing! Keep up the excellent work Megan! We love seeing it!

7 years ago

Love her style! :)