Why Self-Care Makes You A Love Magnet

Practicing self-love and self care can do a lot more than you might think… 

Let me share with you a core belief within the ancient science of Ayurveda — you can become an attractive force through the power of self-love and self-care. Take that in for a minute. You become more attractive when you stop and love yourself. It’s not rooted in physical beauty alone. It’s love and radiance. It’s timeless. Ageless. Beyond any traditional beauty standard.

The ancient tradition actually encourages us, especially as women, to honor our inner femininity and worthiness through the act of touching, loving and caring for our own physical body. In order to become more magnetic, we have to become more receptive and loving. I want you to get that, ladies. You get more of what you want in love by going slower and taking the time to love the parts of you that you may not really like.

This is beyond counter-culture. Our culture tells us to push outward, grow our muscles, build our willpower and ambition, go faster, do more in less time. This is the opposite of your Ayurvedic super-power as a feminine creature.


In the realm of the Divine Feminine, a woman can begin to access her innate feminine power, as well as connect to the outer realm of the Divine Lover, by humbly worshipping herself as a temple.

In fact, one of the most radical acts we can do on the planet right now as women is worshipful self-care. If I love and care for myself, if I see myself as a precious, intelligently created emanation of a Sexy Divine Cosmic Creatrix, it’s easier to see the outside world as this same miracle. And in turn, care for the beings beyond myself.


So, how can we begin to truly care for ourselves? Please hear me. It’s about the SPIRIT in which you approach your self-care. Otherwise, self-care runs the risk of becoming yet one more task on an endless daily to-do list. And ain’t nobody got time for one more thing on that list.

Today, I approach my body as a temple of worship by going slow, feeling my feelings and honoring my natural need for rest. I make my body a church. I sing and chant mantras as I massage my thighs. I pray to the energies in my body and I ask the act of self-care itself to remove any impurities, old emotions, family lineage pain and trauma, to be removed from my flesh…. that my body may be a temple for freedom and love. If you manifest this while you do self-massage, trust me, it’s a whole different experience.


Abhyanga: Explore the art of Ayurvedic self-massage.

Daily Routine: Learn more about daily routine according to ancient Ayurvedic knowledge,

Essential Oils: Administer essential oils on pulse points. Rose, jasmine, vanilla, honeysuckle, sandalwood and frankincense are all wonderful essential oils. They boost the energy of self-love.

Journaling A Love Letter: Sometimes, when I feel truly disconnected, I will stop by life and just write myself a love letter. It may take 5 minutes, but I start to remember the truth of who I am and the sacredness of my life through such an exercise.

Meditation: This is the deepest form of self-love there is — meditation is just you hanging out with you! All of you — the cool parts and the parts that are downright crazy. You can download one of my Lineage of Love video meditations for free here. Remember, if you have 15 minutes for Facebook, you can set aside 15 minutes for a practice that actually purifies your heart and connects you to who you really are.

And finally, in the words of the beautiful, modern-day Divine Mother, Rupaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else!?”

Katie Silcox is a yoga teacher, New York Times best-selling author and passionate spiritual mama. 



  1. I completely agree, self care is SUPER important. People forget to nurture themselves because life tends to go a little too fast. Once you start loving yourself, love radiates from within outwardly. And it will bring more happiness and better well-being into your life…

    The Wanderful Soul Blog

  2. I think part of this post in unfinished:

    Daily Routine: Learn more about daily routine according to ancient Ayurvedic knowledge,

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