Slow and Steady: Sacred Space is Everywhere

Reflections on our FP Escapes retreat to Peru, courtesy of Ashleigh Sergeant.

There is limitless wonder emanating from the Andean Mountains and the Sacred Valley of Peru, but what has truly stuck with me most is the call from nature and our ancestors to slow down, savor and enjoy every single moment of this life. To rest in the wisdom of the natural world is to know the most complete peace and fulfillment possible.

We often talk about creating sacred space as this “thing” or “process” as if it is somehow otherwise lacking. Prana (life force) is everywhere. Everything is infused with an underlying consciousness which possesses an innate quality of healing and peace. Sacred space is everywhere and in everything. Intensifying the quality of our attention allows it to become a guide and partner in co-creating meaning and abundance.

In our modern life we move at an increasingly fast pace. This is not a problem — we are evolving, growing and expanding. To cultivate harmonious balance with this quickening pace, we must also anchor ourselves in the wisdom of the natural world. Her way is slow, steady, and yet always evolving into more.


A whisper of wisdom from the mountains:

– Slow down, move more slowly.

– Walk slower, feel your feet on the earth.

– Breathe slower, enjoy the experience of breathing

– Speak slower, choose your words with care and intent.

– Listen completely — without the need to respond.

– Watch life with more receptive eyes. Bear witness to all the sensations of right now.

– Stop trying to contrive and shape the next moment — take it as it comes.

– Look at your food, smell it, touch it. Eat slower, savor every bite.

– Be mindful of your transitions — every transition is an opportunity to be graceful.

– Start new cycles on purpose, and honor the end of a cycle with as much passion as you began with.

– Observe life so completely that the only possible next move is to fall in sync with the greater whole.





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Great post and beautiful photos :)

What a lovely read. Thanks for sharing! Actually feel quite relaxed now.

Hannie from Missing Wanderer

Perú is home, where the heart is .