Today’s Mantra: Light and Darkness Create the Rainbow of My Soul

Courtesy of FP Escapes guide Maggie Harrsen — join her on our Spain retreat this fall. 

In my personal practice I often use the gentle vibration of flower essences to support my being. Years ago, during my travels in New Zealand, I found a beautiful book entitled “Heal Thyself” by Dr. Edward Bach — it deeply moved me. In the text Bach explains that, “we must earnestly learn to develop individuality according to the dictates of our own Soul.”

These words have always stayed with me and, years later, this mantra was introduced to me through my relationship with the Flower Essence Society. It speaks to me of living in wholeness and embodying all aspects of myself. I have learned to embrace the cosmic light energy of the stars, moon and sun and also the rich, dark energy of the Earth beneath me, Pachamama. I feel when I am consciously integrating these two energies within, I am living from a place of soul alchemy.



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